Tender Coconuts

Midnight Soirée

They Come At Nighttime

This is Goubert Ave aka Beach Road as seen in the afternoon:
And at night:

Must have something to do with the noontime temperatures, I suppose.

At Train Journeys End

Garden Variety Harley Quinn Cosplayer

A Whole Lotta Cassata

It's been more than 15 years since I've had one of these. There used to be an Arun Icecream parlour at the corner of CMH Road and Double Road Indira Nagar. The dinners at the Shanti Sagar opposite were topped off by one of these delightful treats. The colours of the Italian espresso: Strawberry, Vanilla and Orange and Coffee Icecreams crowning a slice of  nutty cake. If nostalgia was an ice cream cake, this would be a good way to get reacquainted.

Arun Icecreams disappeared in the face of changing markets but I now see them making a comeback through small neighbourhood stores. They've picked a good time to get back into the market too. The cassata is the first thing to go out of stock everyday. Makes one wonder if the conspiracies behind climate change have some merit. Hold that thought; I've got to get back to my Icecream cake before it melts in the punishing heat.