Flash Sales

These are the new "Limited Stock! Exclusive availability!" marketing gimmick (over)used by Internet retailing giants like Amazon and Flipkart. Let's face it. Smartphones aren't as rare a find as they claim to be. They can be bought and sold just like any other commodity in the IT industry. That's how oversaturated  the market is with more and more brands mushrooming each month. Take what is a very generic technology product like an phone or a tablet, and announce a flash sale that starts in the middle of the workday (at 2 PM) and you'll have crazy kids looking for a good deal jumping on their (already good) smartphones at work and hammering away their credit card numbers as they rush to the finish line. Let's be frank: the smartphone that you're using to buy another smartphone will probably last you till the start of The Rapture. There's no need to be throwing it away right now for another which you will use till the next flash sale comes along.

I understand that online retailers need a way to promote what is seemingly a generic product like an Android-based phone or tablet in the minds of the consumer without resorting to price cuts, but this is just sad now. How would you like your sundae. I'll have Product Exclusivity with a double scoop of   Limited Availability. Now imagine how much money the pharma industry would make if it adopted this tactic:

"Buy. Or Die From A Disease You (Probably) Could Have Cured If Only You Had Made The Decision To Buy! But wait! we're only going to be selling these medicines right after we cure the common cold. So... sign up for our waiting list to be notified. "

So in short, we need to stop flash sales and start allowing people to buy whatever they want, wherever they want, whenever they want. And flash sales should be renamed to "Here's Something You Definitely Don't Need. We'll take your cash in a flash."

Notice how the Beatles In Mono boxset was initially launched as a limited availability item since 2009. Did they really need to?

Waiting for the Piano Man to bring me to a New York State of Mind.