Snow Problem

Snow Patrol

Rain and Snow

Together they go
And make the world a little
Chilly, Wearing a sweater over your shirt 
Is a metaphor for I didn't iron my shirt. 

Sweet Taste Of Adventure

Airport gipsy
Doughnuts taxi frozen

Surreal 31st

Started like this. And ended with us out on the street. Turns out you must have a minimum level of inebriation to stand around a club. Lesson learnt. Ted was right: Clubs suck.

I guess it sucks especially when you don't have a good reason to be there. 😄

Anyway, here's to a less crappy if not more happy new Year!

Amazon's Twilia Lockers Are A Godsend

For people mostly never at home and still want to enjoy the convenience of buying things online, having my packages delivered here rather missing the delivery at home makes so much more sense. This one sits at the Seven-Eleven near the PATH Station where I catch the train to work. I order something from Amazon. The package is delivered here within two days. 

I receive a pickup code to retrieve it with. Pick it up within three days or else it will be returned. Simple and straightforward. Beats running to the post office and waiting 30 minutes for somebody to fish out your package from the Christmas rush. This definitely beats seeing the Redelivery  notices on my door. I can only hope there will more Ecommerce companies offering services like these.

 Thank You Amazon!

Here's to reality being a little less real this year around