Here To Stay?

Chor ne machaye shor,
"Mere dil to maange more!
Kalmi kabab hi hai sahi,
Lekhin paisa to vasool hi nahi,
Yahaan se jaana hai kahin aur,"
Guruji ne yeh sab sunkar bahut gabarahat hone lagi,
"Kya hua my dear friend?
Let us try to make amend
Tujhe chahiye onsite, ya naya designation,
See, the offer is not so bad."
"Mujhe na chahiye promotion ki commotion, ya onsite ka insight,
Bank me itnaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa paisa
Baki sab aisa hi waisa
Mere shikayaton sunkar aapko bahut ho gayenge bore
Guruji, sirf dikhaiye mujhe vo EXIT door."
People quit all the time. Money, power, health, family, out of reasons to be employed, accountable and answerable to a not-so-super-visor are some of the reasons.

I stumbled across a database containing the details of folks who'd left the company today and got a glimpse of the various reasons why people leave. It was quite a long list and I wouldn't want to bore you with the details, but one thing's for sure: there were definitely many folks who had been burned by the performance management system and had decided to "put" in their papers into the fire as well.

What's my reason to stay? I wonder.

Endless Loop

I'm just dependent on synchronized, (sometimes) harmonic, combinations of sound both human and non-human to drown out the rest of everything. Here are some of the tunes I enjoy playing on an endless loop while I try to be productive. Maybe it just isn't working, because that's why I'm making a list instead of actually working.

  1. Dhobi Ghat Theme by Gustavo Santaolalla

  2. Teardrop by Massive Attack

  3. Girls by Death in Vegas

  4. Lat Lag Gayee by Benny Dayal (Yes, I constantly surprise myself)

  5. The entire No Nations album by Jets Overhead
  6. Sunshine by Keane
  7. Thin Air by Keane :

Open Source Commitment

My very first fork and commit to a piece of software and I feel pretty good about it.

That's the best bit about Open Source Software: like something but don't see it? Grab a fork and commit!

Now I can see why OSS is so far ahead. It's software development truly democratized.

And the best part! It helps me keep within my bandwidth limits.

And my first piece of code is now part of the next release!

Unify Broken Lines

Let's say you have a text file that looks like this:
Henry Mark
"Heidi "SealFace"asd
and you need to get this:
Henry Mark
"David Guetta"
"Fobrice Kilimanjaro "Heidi "SealFace"asd Klum"
"324324324"23423423423 gvcxzgxcgvxvcv"
It looks simple enough for a few lines; what if you had to repeat the same over a thousand or more?

Use this code: