Shor In The City

Reminded me of Flavors. Good watch.

Data Spill On Cylinder 3, Block 256

Unbelievable that I've got well over 16 Gigabytes in temporary files!

Laptop Repair

My computer had an overheating problem, so I opened it up. And saw what can get inside over the course of 4+ years.

This thing was very difficult to put back together once I'd opened it up. For some reason, I ended up using less screws to put things back together. Being economical with screws or the realization of my limits on putting-stuff-back-together?

That white stuff doesn't look like something they soldered on to boost shader performance.

The black plastic sheet is "insulation material" according to the service manual. I'm not sure if what appears to be bacterial growth sprouting beneath it is supposed to be doing.

Some more insulation material.

At the end of it all, I managed to clean out quite a few dust balls from the CPU fan itself. On putting it back together (and saving quite a few screws in the process) I found that the CPU fan no longer spins. So it runs for a couple of minutes before overheating and switching off.

So lesson learned: when you have a lot of screws left over, something is wrong.

Also, the guys over at your local computer shop work hard to put all the screws back in. They deserve the credit, it's not easy to keep track of all those screws.

It's wonderful how

a medley of naturally discordant and non-harmonious sounds can come together to form something so mind-blowing that it's forms the perfect help-me-get-through-the-last-21-kilometers-of-a-full-marathon song.

First featured here:

Somehow it's perfect for the commercial...
Watching Munnabhai MBBS a few years after it came out:


Okay Today I Make A Boo Boo

So I was a little hungover from lunch,
Stuffed with desserts and overflowing
With bits and pieces of creatures,
I had not the pleasure of knowing. (except in a gastronomic sense)

Evil angels did their work,
Small thoughts of bigness sowing,
Foolish mistakes to be made did lurk,
As my ego set to work.

Mis-communication followed
The relationship was hollowed
Strange feelings of mixups and regrets I will probably have on the morrow,
"Why did I not speak my mind?"
Only quiet quiet sorrow.

I'm Seeing Life Differently

I bought a copy of the movie version of Hitchiker's Guide To The Galaxy over a year-and-a-half back. I saw it last night.

Bathroom Cleaning

I just cleaned my bathroom
I wish it got cleaner with every bath I took.

Now I'm dirty.
Time for a bath.


Musical Obsession

His voice reminds me of that other guy with that soft voice... rich, young and full of life. Sounds like it belongs only in songs of love and life. Michael Buble that's who!

I heard this on the radio at work, and at the gym and I was wondering who'd sung it. It never occurred to me to Google the words "fine by me".

I got home later and it came up on the radio for what was probably the 3rd time that day and I was able to figure out who sang it.

Here's how I become obsessed with a song music: I hear a song on the radio or on another medium like TV (on the rare occasion that I'm flipping through MTV or VH1), I search for a word or two from the song (which shows up thanks to the redudant websites maintaining catalogs of the lyrics from all the songs that have been sung), I find their videos (lyrics videos if you want just the audio without the poorly directed music video distracting you) on youtube usually (unless you are using an iPad to surf in which case VEVO blocks you), replay-and-repeat-repeatedly (probably contributing  a couple hundred thousand of those view statistics). I leave them running in the background for a few weeks like so.

and I turn to them when I need them. This way I don't use up bandwidth repeatedly downloading the same YouTube video each time, and I get to listen to them when offline, while switching my system periodically (hibernating is the technical term) and giving it a rest.

Thanks to Windows 7, I've never had to shut down in weeks!


Norah Jones' Happy Pills entered the list.


TaxSimile for making this so simple.

One thing I've really learned that I need to do is increase my taxable investments. Come to think of it, I need to start putting the money away so I don't piss it all away.

I find the whole idea of using life insurance as an investment method (or vehicle if you want to get technical) very strange. It's not supposed to be an investment. That's what the share market is for. It's a just-in-case, a contigency plan, a Plan B, a backup etc.. You better hope you never have to make a claim. (not that you would be in a position to of course).


Listening to Ellie Golding's "Lights"
In the middle of the nights,
The outside street light,
Finally doing its job right.
Well, I really should be saying Goodnight.

The street lights here in our little corner of the world work on the roll of a die cast at the local BESCOM office everyday. There's one next to my window that I use to judge whether the power is out or not. There's a UPS system in place, but the batteries are worn out and don't last longer than 30 minutes. Hence the careful use required. The whole household goes into RED ALERT mode (sadly the power required for the flashing lights and screaming sirens is not there in the batteries of the UPS, so all this is imaginary). We run around switching off fans, lights and cellphone chargers and anything else that might even be remotely plugged in, we'd even switch off the UPS so that the little tiny lights that glow on it don't suck out our precious power (really, we are that lost and confused in the dark).

Power cuts are a good reminder that before all this electricity (and the light bulb) came along, we all lived either by the light of nature viz. the sun, the moon (technically the sun, again), and the stars (which the sun is but an example of one)  ; and oil lamp and candle light (technically, anything that burned bright enough and long enough). We told funny stories to pass the time and generally went to bed and rose early. I think we were far better off back then. Maybe all the world needs is a good nights sleep. I mean, everybody at the same time. That should take care of most of our 'issues' and give us all the perspective we need.

Yawn! Alright, time to wake up and go to bed.

Write Round (The Universe)

I need to write more,
Write till my wrist cramps up,
And I can't write any more,
My fingers are sore
From gripping the pen too hard,
(An unfortunate habit, I've formed over the years, Thank You God!)

I could write stories of this,
And essays of that,
My thoughts on the price of human life,
Is it okay for Mr. Shady Politician hiding behind Cool Shades to have more than one wife,
The people on the other side of the world engaged in civil strife,
Rebels with a cause,
The mothers and wives and children mourn their tragic loss.

Life's a bit like a salad,
The Master Chef threw in a bit of everything,
A little of the good, a little of the crazy, a lot of the mad)
All in some incalculable proportion,
Some Infinillion Island dressing, added to the commotion,
In the end was life a strange smelling potion,
Sampling the dish, He recoiled,
(What is this strange dish?
I cannot even feed this to the fish!)
And knocked over the Bowl,
The contents spread all over the Table,
And continue to spread Itself thin,
Where does It end?
Where does It all begin?

Whatsapp Facebook?

Noticed today that chat messages on Facebook are getting a little check mark when they are seen by the recipient. This has been a part of WhatsApp's client behaviour for a while now. I guess this is happening because a lot of users are accessing FB through their mobile phones.

Also there were issues with messages not being delivered during temporary connection outages. I suppose this was introduced to indicate the delivery of the message as well.

Any guesses on how be long before we start seeing two check marks for every message? :)

What if FB bought WhatsApp?


Somebody forgot to edit this... what's with the snip snap intro.

What was JB aiming for with this?

  1. JB can rap, or speak real low and manly, sorry, make that breathy, creepy-telephone-crank-call-ish
  2. JB can also do the squeaky-falsetto.
  3. Overdubbing works for JB. Yeah. Way to open a dam's floodgates worth of production to turn a record that will probably piss off a brook to part a waters of an ocean. .
  4. JB just turned 18, so I'm old enough to drive. Watch him do the round-and-round-a-barrel-in-the-middle-of-a-soundstage while he looks into your eyes.
  5. So I, So I... insert operative verb that will turn give this a Parental Advisory sticker... on you
    Nice, so this is about not cutting off your teenyboppy fans. Glad you remember your fans!
    But you're all grown up now, right? Learn to cuss! It'll get you more fans! I know your fans curse more than you do. :)
  6.  Weak lyrics, bro. Really. Everybody does this!... Try something different, rather than taking the inhuman backing sounds to a new level.
  7. Also what's the crew from Step Up doing there?

Ah, who am I kidding? I've not cut a record. I didn't kiss Selena Gomez. I can't sing about boyfriends, or girlfriends, or anything.

A tip for JB: try using your vocal range to your advantage. And hire me as your songwriter.

Also, I'm going to see Ree-yanna now.

I'm Green With Envy

That song by Coldplay - Green Eyes.

The Hulk


Green Answer Call Button On All Phones

Green light on the traffic signal.

Green Grass of Home

Maybe I just like her crazy green hair.

My Grandfather

Ashes to ashes.
Dust to dust.The elements combine, only to combust.What does it mean to love, to trustAnything that strong can only rust.
Time casts its inevitable spell
Nothing else can compel.

My grandfather, K. K. Padmanabhan passed away yesterday after a long struggle agasinst the effects of multiple myeloma and being almost 90 years old. He was a good man. He helped a lot of people, society recognized him for this. Many people owe their present to him, myself included.

If there was one statement I remember him using a lot, that probably gives one some idea of what the man was all about, it is this:

Sarvam Bramhamayam Jagath

(the entrire universe is pervaded by bramham)

Tomorrow Never Flies Emirates

I've been seeing this everywhere I go, even at the cinemas when I caught a show of Avengers.

I guess I've always wanted to travel and see more of the world outside my own little bubble often referred to as  'my life'.

This 60-second commercial reminded me of my desire to travel, for the ones who see more of the world are the ones who end up richer and wiser (hopefully Emirates has a discount for such people).

For those of you who liked the soundtrack to the ad, here it is, the aptly titled 'Trek' by Spencer and AntFood:

I'm floating, I can only hear the words, but I am not trying to make sense of them, just float above the clouds. "Take everyday and make it something new..."


The entire movie could be see at one point on YouTube, now all we can do is see the trailer...

Life in America as experienced by everybody who goes there...

Not quite what you expect.
There should be regulation against restricting dogs/pets to the confines of a balcony or anything smaller. Claustrophobia affects dogs too.

First Post from Acer Aspire One finally delivered on my order and I have a spanking new Acer netbook to add my collection of digital trash-makers.
Still struggling to stay within the constraints of the bitsy screen/keyboard.
Here's what this baby has got to offer. Got a bit more exploring to do.
Can't wait to tear this thing down.
I can sense it is getting nervous. Things sweating a bit, or are those my palms.

WhatsApp + Nokia S40

I don't really know how it works.

So I have a Nokia X2-01. Great phone. QWERTY. EDGE. Bluetooth. Upto 8 GB of extended data storage. And it looks good and doesn't feel too cheap.

Luckily it happens to be one of the phones that WhatsApp develops their Messenger application for. Really nice application. I've never been this happy with a chat application. It gives you the option to send out any type of data  - text/voice/pictures/videos etc. Just wish more of my friends knew about and used it. It uses the contacts on your phone to tie you up with your friends. So no need to sign up and maintain any account of sort with them.

S40 doesn't offer a task manager by default. So you can't kill the process if you find yourself low on battery life. And closing the app from the menu is the S40 equivalent of run-in -background-all-the-freaking-time. S40 doesn't even have a connection manager that you can use to switch off the data connection. The only other option is to put your phone into in-flight mode, which is like running low on fuel in the middle of traffic, and turning off the engine, and hoping that Newton's First Law will help you get where you need to go.

Here's the fix. Navigate through to the entry for WhatsApp in the extras menu where it usually lands up. Apps > Extras > WhatsApp

Use the left selection key to bring up the context-sensitive options menu. Choose 'Delete'... Don't panic!

It will ask you whether you are sure you want to delete WhatsApp. Choose Yes.

Then it will double-check with you: "Are you sure you want to Delete WhatsApp?" Wait for a few seconds like Every-Reality-Show-On-TV-Judge-Eliminating-A-Contestant-At-The-End-Of-Every-Episode-Ever as you ponder your decision... And choose not to. Applause.

The EDGE connection icon should disappear (unless you have something else keeping the connection open). But there's a side-effect to this, I guess when this happens, the process forgets to close open file handles, because of which when you try to open the extras folder, it gives an error stating the filesystem is busy and to try again later.

Switch off and switch on your phone, and you should be good.

Hope this helps you. (Or just get a better phone. Even an S60 phone should be better than this. Since it comes with separate connection/process managers.)

Night Train

"I fell asleep
On a late night train
I missed my stop
And I went round again"

- 'Try Again' by Keane
(coincidence: they have also released an EP called Night Train)

Night-journey trains. I'm currently on the Bangalore Mail. They really ought to have a system where somebody wakes you up in time for your desired stop. If only I had not been asleep for those few more minutes or that jerk passenger too lazy/high/numbed to check the station name had not been too lazy/numbed/high, I might have been home before 5 AM. But as the fates would have it. I must go all the way to the city and then come back by bus. Good thing about Bangalore City station is its close proximity to the central bus terminus. Easy to get buses going as far as where I live at this time. Let's see if I can make it home before the crazy traffic starts.

On an early Thursday

Birthday Wishes

I was about to post this onto a Facebook wall, but then I didn't.

thought I'd write you a little something something, (to commemorate you reaching the quarter century mark)
But when the moment came, I could think of nothing, (Is there a saying that goes 'wit is bit like a lark' - bird flying away leaving nothing but a tiny insignifcant pile) 
People twitter all the time, draining words of meaning,
But what are words for, if nothing but for screening
That one true feeling,

Time to peel back the glass onion, revealing.
Trip me this. Trip me that.
To be born young
And die fat
Now who wouldn't get a kick out of that
Penniless in the street
Falling for mercy at kindly Death's feet
Slain in battle, bleeding bloody defeat
Choking on Italy's finest (ravioli?)
At your worst enemy's most luxurious retreat
There are so many ways to come
(When in earlier days there was but one)
And so many ways to go
The destination's the same
Whichever way you play the game
Whether on a hospital bed,
Or a streetcorner, or even the finest of thrones
Before you know it they would have returned your bones
I was once told that My Life is like an arrow travelling through darkness, into the light,
Past others like it, and back into the night
It's the plight we might all share,
Do others deny it, do they even dare (please don't care)
Pretty much how life goes
This way and that.
There's a P in Poetry
That's what they said to me
I stood at the bowl,
Relieving myself, the poetry flowing out from me.

It's a pity we can't do this on the PS3
The summer is definitely here:

Perfect post-breakup song, I guess... I wouldn't know either way.

How To Save A Life

Astrology 2.0?

Aditya Astro
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Blogger Second Guesses Video Embeds

A question:

Why doesn't Blogger allow you to convert direct links to YouTube into an embed?

I have a link, I should be able to paste it and get the video I want. What I get instead is a list of possible mismatches... Oh yeah, I think that second one is what I was looking for! Blogger, why do you "second guess" me?

Am I allowed to link to videos which you will convert into an embed (like Posterous, Tumblr) or any other mature blogging platform? Please implement this soon!

Edit: I'm finally glad that they got the MIME:mutlipart/mixed-content embed posts via email thing right... Glad I don't have to upload pictures anymore!

Lost My Phone

It's quite odd how it happened really.

(I like how I start off with describing how odd things are... Duh, if things were humdrum and the usual my pocket-got-picked stuff was what had happened, it wouldn't be odd at all really.)

So, what happened was this.

My mother has a Nokia E63. I have a Nokia X1-01.

My mother seems to misplace her phone's charger every now and then. I seem to be able to find it all over the place... Except that she left on a trip to Chennai a few days ago and needed to take her phone along. She couldn't find her charger in the last five minutes before departing for the train station to catch the 4:25 PM Shatabdi.

So I gave her my phone's charger for the time being.

After she left, I had other things on my mind. One of them was not finding the missing charger. Before I knew it, I had a early shift the next day, and woke up to find that my phone had a one energy bar of life left, and was desperately clinging to it. So I did the next sensible thing, I turned off the connections to the second SIM, keeping the primary SIM active. (The X1-01 is a nice dual SIM phone, if you're into that kind of thing with using the best features offered by two networks/rate plans.)

I also realised that I wouldn't last till mother got back with my charger. Plus I didn't have the time/energy/commitment/good sense to find hers. So I went out to the nearby store on the way to work (a little late I might add) and picked one up.

The last thing I remember  is sending a text to my friends/colleagues that I was on the way to work.

So I lost a charger but had a phone. Then got a charger and lost the phone. Irony.

I've bought a new phone now. Yes, it is an X1-01. She sure is pretty. Let's hope this one lasts.

Also, there's a first time for everything. Last time my phone went under a truck. Strange how hard it is to hold on these things... Let's hope the replacement lasts.

Back to Posting Here

I'm tired of having more than a single blog/website/point of communication.

I'm going back to using Blogger. Screw the concerns over Google and it's new privacy policy. It really doesn't bother me (since I don't read legalese,) and if  I were at all concerned about privacy, I would be shutting myself in a cave a denying that the Internet ever existed... Hell! I wouldn't even know who Privacy was, and why everybody's getting their skirt twisted in a bunch about how she's doing!

Alright, so I'm back here for now.

Let us begin.