Tuesday Morning

I have a paper due tomorrow. And I haven't started on it. Infact I haven't come up with a topic to write on. Instead I've spent most of the day listening to Avril Lavigne's What The Hell. The lyrics don't seem to make sense. I think it's that opening accordion part that really gets me going. It's really upbeat. And I have a 5 AM shift starting tomorrow. I'd better stop and get started on that paper. But I'm still not sure what I'm going to be writing about.

What if they allowed you to write a paper consisting of a single chart. After all I could be saving people a lot of time by cramming a multiple of 1000 words into a single chart than a droning, lecturey type essay that went on and on.

Maybe I should try speedrunning Half Life. :)

Weird thing is that I started writing this post in the morning. And now it's 10 PM. Time to go to sleep. Yet I cannot do that.

Working on this problem now.

Update: They cancelled it. Reason is open to speculation.
It took them only a month to get this done.

I just finished reading confessions. Weird.

The One FreeManu

I have been playing a lot of Half Life of late.