and tired. That is how I feel right now.

Today was an unexpected holiday, something that most of us would be glad
to have had. Not me, so many things that needed to be done needed to
happen today. Oh why that Ex-PM have to pop off now!

Today was the last working day this semester. There are lab reports that
need signatures, a lab internal that was carried over from Wednesday the
26th, and a bunch of other things that needed to be finished.

All that has to be done tomorrow. Our exams start the coming Monday, the
1st of December.

This is going to be good.

Till then. I'll sipping on tea and flitting through the pages of books,
and traipsing down the halls of learning, and all that jazz.


his work cut out for him.

Listening to Windows Weekly now (

Checking email.

Wait. Nitya borrows one of my ears, by force: I hear the words "Get me"
followed by a bunch of song/artist names:



No time. No time.

Today found me glued to the TV flipping channels 200 thru 213 - NDTV
24x7 thru CNN-IBN thru Times NOW thru News X thru Headlines Today thru
BBC thru CNN thru CNBC thru NDTV Profit. (don't count, they left out
some of the numbers). And the worst part is when I'd sworn off watching
when I woke up this morning.

Poor resolve. Self-pity.

Ideal Siblings

are not for real, yet:

Google thinks its possible. Maybe it is. It's Google man! Google! They can't be wrong. Right?