To All Those Who May Understand

Oh, hullo there.

"What's with the 'u' in hello?"
Well, u know, the modern world is all about being direct and to the point in your communication, and to some extent, reducing the overhead that comes with the communication process. If u kno wht ths mns u r mdrn cmukneekator.

"But what about sacrificing grammar, etiquette and the joys of communicating properly? Isn't all that important?"
Not really, if you consider the fact that most communication between people that goes on these days is all through that wonderful medium of text/instant messaging and e-mail. People have accepted these as the communication mediums of the future. They call it being modern. It's all instant yo! SMS, chat or there's always email - from the fastest to the slowest; in decreasing order of convinience; and 'instant'ness; technological prowess over a savvy population that is quickly distancing themselves from each other and from themselves.

"So, that's progress, isn't it? It's the information age after all, and getting your message across to a person in as many ways as possible, as fast as possible. And if you look at it, we're actually saving time by utilizing all the mediums available at our disposal. You're being a tad more sceptical than you should be! You crusty oldy moldy!"
'Oh-ldy moh-ldy'? Where did you get that? I accept the fact that it makes no sense for us to be ignoring all this convinience when it makes no practical sense to go halfway across a concrete jungle that spans a few kilometres spending a few hours (cursing the state of modern cities, and all the causes that wiped out the era when automobiles were fancy items only for the privileged few) in travel when you can as easily communicate with people in front of your machine hooked up to the intertubes, at a fraction of the expense and an infinitesimal fraction of the time.
But I will not accept the theory that this is the ultimate way to communicate. There is something missing - the human element - which cannot be replaced in any sense when you try meeting your friend through the tubes!

"Recently, a friend of mine said that we spent more time on chat that actually talking when we were face to face."
She's right. That's the truth. And I feel very distressed that it's become comfortable, nay preferable this way. We've lost something: all that time and all those keystrokes (not to mention sleep!) have coalesced into something I cannot quite understand: a routine that we're comfortable with.

"Sometimes, its better to be direct. Just like Dell."
Yes, and honestly, I prefer it that way. I just feel sad that people look at their credit balance on their prepaid cellular before they make a call. It's sad.
"But we don't have a phone."
True, but I still don't understand why it's such a big issue. Missed calls is all we get most of the time. We actually enjoy calling people up and engaging in an hour-long monologue just for the heck of it. We don't know if the other party hates us for doing that, but we haven't gotten too many complaints, have we?
"Well, there was that time when all of them complained about our monologues."
Ah, what I'd do to have a vagina!
"(gulp, choke, choke, choke, cough cough) glug!"
No, really, I've been thinking about it.
"Dream on, baby! We've got better plans."
But think about it, we could do the V. Monologues over the phone each time somebody missed-calls!

Vagina, it's just a word, like love. Try to imagine you had one...
"No, that's your job!"
Imagine all the people...

"No thank you, Sir. I'll keep what I have safely tucked away."

They're just words. Just words.
Words have taken an important position in the whole art of communicating. Words are everything. If you want to convey a message, you can surely do it by putting words together in sentences. If you can do that, then you've got a choice between all these mediums. Conveying the message is equivalent to communication, regardless of whether the receiver has been able to infer something from the message or not.
"Boring! Whatever! I don't understand you!"
Which brings us to the conclusion that words, no matter the quantity, no matter the proficiency of usage, or the accuracy of grammar, cannot convey everything, unless the receiving party is the sending party.
"So, are you talking of a trivial case here, like this conversation? Where the sender is the receiver and the receiver is the sender?"
Maybe. Maybe so.

"Hm, so, what about those who read this?"
It's really up to them to try and understand. I doubt their patience.

"So, all this is pointless too."
Pretty much. :-)

"Save for that Dell plug, there's nothing of value here?"
Nope. :-) Not at all.

There's a Prison Break parody though - Prison Freak. The video is down below.
"Nitya stands over your shoulder vouching her love for all things Prison Breaky."
I agree with her. It's a good show.

First Concert

"Fell in love with the girl at the rock show/
She said what/
And I told her that I didn't know" - 'Rock Show' by Blink 182

So, you're off to a concert eh?

"Sivamani and Leslie Louis are playing at Ambedkar Bhavan, in aid of cancer victims of Karunashraya. Not a rock show, but what the hell!"

Have fun!

"My first concert! Dammit! I don't even remember being to one of these things."

Now that you mention it, I don't think I do either?
We have so much in common.

One could pair us twins. Identical ones at that.
"You know what! I think you're right! We do the same things, but it's only our perspectives that are so different."
Different but same. Same but different.

"So, waiting for acchan to get back home from work, then we'll dash off. We have a long way to go. Maybe I should liveblog the concert!"
Now, wouldn't that be mind-blowingly electrifying? How would you go about it Mr. Pro Blogger. Got your Macbook Air all ready to go?
"Oh, one of those would be nice. Small form-factor, superfast wireless networking, (that would be useless thanks to the absence of Wireless N anywhere!) a battery that promises a lot of blogging time, but the price is just too much! Pity, I don't even know how long this concert is going to be, but that's one thing nobody thinks about when they set off concert-bound."
True. Dump liveblogging, there'll probably a few hundred airbloggers doing that over there. The idea is to sit down, or stand up to applaud, and then join the crowd moving towards the exit a few hours later. Timelessness is something we all strive for. When you're having such a nice time that you lose your sense of time passage, then you're really having a good time!
"Air Guitar. Air Rocker. Air Head. Air Bubble. AIR. Air Keyboard. I need some AIR!"
Let me know how your Air trip goes.

"I will let you know how the Air fares!" {Airport wave}
For low Air fares, go to! {Airport wave}

If Apple has TMed Air, then you're in for a nice supply of lawsuits. Not to mention, a lifetime supply of legal notice paper. They make good reading!
"I'll wait for the deluge. Music time! Rock to the Ambedkar Bhavan. 7:15 PM the timeless 2 hours begins! I'll call ammachan for legal advice. He's a good lawyer, and he's good because he's my grandfather! Be forewarned, Steve!"

NOTE: "It's Louis Banks and not Leslie Louis! I have my maternal co-author of existence to thank for both wrong and right information. I'll keep it here, because that's what I ranthoed and you never edit your ranthos, do you?"
I suppose so. Why don't you tell them how it went.
"Later. I have a connection to be messing around with."
Something byte-ing?

Doing What You Can

"I'm worthless man!"
I think you're full of crap too.

"Come on! I mean it!"
Yes, I think, while we're at it, you're full of crap!

No, I mean it. You're full of crap!

"Please, some sympathy."
Crappy sympathy-seeking baby! Grow up!

"No, please, I'm weak and I need help."
Crap! You need some fresh air and a boot in your ass!

"You sound like Red!"
That's right dumbass! I am Red! Now, I'm giving you till the count of three...

"No, please, I wasting my life. I'll go outside for a nice walk and stop being such a whiny baby."
That's right you will. What the hell do you think you're going to do with your life?
All you do is sit around and complain about how stupid people are and how people don't recognise you for the smartass that you are. Well, you know what? you're a dumbass! If you're so smart, you'd have figured out that it's not what people see you for, or what they don't see you for. For instance, I'd never expect that you become Prime Minister in this life, or the next, or a Nobel Laureate. But don't judge yourself by titles - The Nobel is just a medal recognising outstanding achievement. Not something that grants you the right to stamp your prestigious ass all over the place!

Remember, do what is right. And do what you can. Don't not do what you can.
"Whether you think you can or you cannot, you're right." said Henry Ford and look at what he did.


Do what you can.
"I will. Thank you."

You've got a bunch of exams to prepare for, right? CAT, MAT, and GATE and all that?
"Yes, I've got to decide where I want to go. I'm at the crossroads, there are many paths I can follow. But I have no idea of which is the right way to go."
I don't think there is a right path. Whichever way you go. Just make sure that you do the right thing.
If you're going to work -
"Provided I get plashhhhhed!"
- yes! then work with the objective to being of some value. After all, they're supporting your existence.

Remember, the Importance of Being Idle shouldn't be your life song. Your song should be the Importance of being of Value.
"More on this later, right?"

Shanti Shanthi Shanthee Shaanthee | Om WOm WOhm WOahm

"FYI, we saw OSO today.
"Didn't we?"
I think we did.

"How'd you think it was?"
I remember the time when we sat down to watch it: 3:40 PM.
The time we got up to blog it: 8:00 PM.

"I don't think we took toilet breaks into account."
There were no toilet breaks.

"Right, we went after."
Right after.

So, are you in a po-see-shun to cross anything off your list?
"I wouldn't be honest, if I said I was."

We must always be honest, must we not.

"That bugger didn't answer his phone again.
"Getting sick and tired of his ways.
"I think I shall go for a little walk.
"Have a little talk with myself.
"It's cold outside though, what do you think, advisable?"
Maybe, maybe not.
"Haha! Don't pull that one on me, Mister. B."

"When will the third light go up?"
Things take time around here. Just be in a position to enjoy the wait.
"Where is everybody? I don't see anybody online."
People are just taking time off from their dull, and digital routines: life as an endless stream of ups and downs, binary 1 = up, binary 0 = down; or if you see it the other way: 1 = may go down, 0 = may go up - (the pessimist/optimist view if you will) you'll realise, that there's a whole new way to look at things.
"Picchar abhi to baki hain boss!"
Something on those lines. If somebody came up to you, and asked you whether your life was just right, everything in it's place, what would you tell them?
"If you don't have an answer, you know there's a list of to-dos to be converted to a list of to-dones."
Now that you mention it, you do have a list, don't you?
"Yes, a lot of todoing to todoneing to be done."

I wouldn't minding adding one more item to the list. How about that plate of uneaten PASTAAAAAAAAAA (said in Sunfeast Pasta Treat ad kid style with a mamma mia flourish accompaniment) waiting in the landing?
"To be consumed."
You know what to do. Go get your face stuffed.

A Man Without A Coat In The Magic Redundancy Universe

"Lost in the magic redundancy universe"
Greetings, there are times when I feel lost.

'Tis one of those times.

(Note to self: the continued usage of 'tis will endanger self during social intercourse.)

"I'm in whino mode, let's be honest."

Sorry, I've been a little distracted lately.

Dear Ann-with-an-E Girl. you're the epitome of humility as well: blessing from heaven, eh, what? :-)

"Grit! GrWilst GrThoui GrBi GrMi GrMt"
I finally cut my nails after three weeks of extracting the grit from 'neath mine eyelids, they've puffed up and my eyes have sunken in.

"Heart too heavy for love. Head too heavy for soothing thoughts."
I feel a little heavy. Noticed that my breathing has become heavier, and more strained.
A little walk each day wouldn't do me too bad.

I went to the BSNL exchange today. I've nearly been hooked to braedband. Nearly...
All it took was a few months of waiting and a lot of pesky phone calls to a very uncooperative bunch of people who think you are so socially inhibited that they give you new numbers to call and pass the time of day. They're a very nice bunch of people. I bet they'd even overtake the social networking portals one day.

"Welcome to The Social: BeeyeSyeNyeLL - Best Saathis No Longer than a text away!"

"Warm, and soft, thine embrace."
Why are my hands so small? They screen is so far far away.

My bed awaits, invite lingering on and on. What do you think? Should I dive in? Let her enfold me in soft embrace, warm and a little itchy. Must be the woolen blanket. Cold cold night of the 11th, may you draw in the warmth from lands afar, where the people wish them gone.

"The drums beat. It Must Have Been Love."
A song plays in the background. Muffled echoes of distant barking. Dogs or people? Are people dogs? Are dogs people? Who knows? Who knows? Is Andrew Symmonds a rhesus '+'vely?

"Busy tone - No Answer"
Thinking during the feverish nights I spent not studying (not too wisely, and not too well) it just popped into my head: I'm weak and need a little encouragement. Who can I call?
May I call you?

"Drug-fuelled dreams... Senor' Desperado"
Manu, you are the Mayor of Crazytown, rest.

"I must, but how? I'm so tired.
"Please teach me, dear friend.
"Guide me into the path of righteousness.
"I must have a little faith.
"If only a little, I must have that.
"She will come, won't she?"
She will.

All shall come to pass.

Don't worry.

"Goodnight sir, says a lost man.
He lost his coat to keep himself warm.
And ended up losing himself to forget the cold,
And so each unto his own doom."

Dull talk, you really must stop. There's really nothing different between you and the man outside.

"Touch me and I will follow in your afterglow
Free me from all this sorrow, as I let you go..."
Nice jingle, INXS. Truly Manu, we must all be willing to let go. She will be loved, you know. Someone else, same intention, enrich their lives and hers.

"But I can't. She doesn't even know."
Do you really think her that daft. You're writing this with the intention of sending it to her.
"I can't."
You mustn't, 'twixt and 'tween this and other things, 'twould be a bad thing.

"0003 hrs. Carry me to the bed, please."
Time isn't money. Time is rest. Slumber. You've suffered enough. Let the shoots of knowledge-seeking, rise tomorrow.

Don't sulk and wallow,
It's not fun to be in sorrow,
Goodmorrow. There's always time to dream and hope.

"All the best, Mr. Ideally Suited For Thought Experiment Man Who Does Not Know Why Does What He Does."
He'll get the message.

Note: Blogger was experiencing some issues around midnight today. So, this is a delayed post.