"They must have a lot of time on their hands." is an oft heard remark made about people in the Open Source industry. Ah, that is so true. What are we doing with all that spare time?

I have a new aim these days. Write at least one cool program, it should be new, and innovative each day.

I'm trying to extend the scope beyond OOP to ALP these days. Some of the greatest geeks started out with ALP, they've become so comfortable with it, that they're not too worried about what domain of programming they're working in. They find ALP so easy that high-level just simplifies their programming task. Another level of abstraction.

Some day, I too will be able to face an ALP program and not be overwhelmed by it's completely overwhelming straightforwardness.

Download the file NMBRKUP.CPP over at my SkyDrive on Live.com:

Really simple, and quite self-explanatory. Compile using C++ and inject executable code into memory.