keep your windows open.

So tired now.
My right eye's sunken in. That's right.

"No woman no cry" croons Boney M(an?) in my left ear. Through what's left of my headphones.

After three days and three nights of continuous cramming, one does get tired.

"Everything's gonna be alright now... No woman no cry"

My neighbour - Surya aunty - celebrated 45 years of living. She threw together a little celebration, for which the kiddies next door were invited, viz. siblings and me. I never asked myself: am I grown-up now, viz. no longer kid. Can you be a mature kid? Is a mature kid a grown-up?

I've seen grown-ups do some pretty silly things. So, are they still kids? Doing silly things, not realizing the fact? Are kids better off staying kids? So, they can do the things they do, and not be wrongly branded grown-ups?

Am I grown-up? Does my week-long-under-jaw-facial-hair growth make me one of them?

After the pani puri and ice cream were consumed, I was playing blind man's bluff today. My sister had tied a piece of cloth around my head, covering my eyes. She tied it so tight that the aforementioned eye was affected in the manner mentioned. Red. Itchy. Not an improvement on the 'before' appearance. You don't know, people are hitting you everywhere. "Getting your ass whipped" was something that a person subjected to this treatment came up with! Often, you don't know what you're grabbing at, but someone's yelps, groans, squeals and other noises are enough to make you let go. And then it's the same thing all over again. Danger! danger! Yell they, just to scare you into thinking that you stepped into your neighbour's TV!

Please play this game in a wide open space. That's all.

It is serious fun! I'm actually going to get round to playing this game. Kiddish? Yeah! I'm a kid, after all.

I'm not a grown-up.

I realised that the woman who covers all, but leaves her windows open, I find her... fascinating.
Please keep it that way.
The world is a better place with you.

And anyone who thinks Chicken Soup for the sole (sic) is over-rated may let me know. If you disagree, you know what to do. (let me know!)

The world is a better place with you too.


Something's wrong with Or-cut!

I can't post any wit on the message boards!

Damn, what will people think of me, if they don't see a 10-page essay in response to a two-word comment they made?

Update: I had NoScript turned on.

Looks like a misdirected page link to what should have been a pointer to a javascript function called submitForm()!

How clever of me.

What is a DP?

A friend of mine commented on how a community we'd created on orkut had failed to 'unite' a group of friends. In that same post, he went on to create a poll asking people whether they felt the community had achieved the purpose it had set out to achieve.
He also said that the people on the DP of the community weren't there with us.
Having nothing but two tests tomorrow, and plenty of time, that set me thinking about possible expansions of the simple and humble 'DP' and so:

Death Parade?
Deadly Prada?
Dragon Piss!!
Deewana Pagal?
Daulat Palghat?
Dil-eee Plate-form?
Digjig Panga?
Dance/Disco Pants?
Danda Padna?
Dandi Parched?
Driving Pie-sense?
Driving Pilot?
Dilshot Pisschance?
Distance Package?
Dipshit Punk?
Departmental Premises?
Dog Punter?
Dope Peddler?
Damned Pebble?
Damned P.?
Dam Pee?
Dam P.s?
Director of Posts?

(Have I exhausted them all...? I think not because I still have a few more... Quite a cocky fella, ain't I?)

Update: My friend says that since in the context of his posting this particular abbreviation on a particular social networking website; it means 'Display Pic'. End of quest.

De Imp. f nt cntin ur scrps

Doesn't it seem like we all place too much importance on scraps? I for one (and I have stopped telling falsh-hoods too...) , have stopped checking because nobody cares enough to post, and the ones who are an exception to this, don't care enough to imagine the crushing that blow that a
"Hi! What are you doing?" brings.

That, my dear, is a sure sign, that something in the grand scheme of things has gone awry and you're beginning to see little cracks on the soles of your feet, that you were sure, were never there before.

Didn't I tell you there were no colours?

Think about it.

[Note: The above is an excerpt (unabriged) from an email I'd written to my friend earlier today in response to some problem with the communication facilities provided by a certain popular social networking site, run by a certain groups of ultra-cool nerds that certain people refer to as "the reason Ballmer's acting Ballmy."]


Woke up @ 5:30 AM (0000 hrs GMT) - feverish, a little.

Kriya, a nice bath, to file structures. Fell asleep reading buffer class implementations.

College: 8 AM. Waiting around for teachers to show. DBMS teacher shows up.

Waiting to get out. The gates are locked.

Really feverish now. Home: had some lunch.


Siblings home. "I want icecreeeeam!" proclaims Diya.

Spoke to amma for a few minutes. Spoke to Sid too. Get a call from a unknown number. No replies to text messages. Attempted call does not return results.

"Go buy some Crocin," amma advised, "and while you're at it, get Deedoy a nice icecream."

Acchan still not back yet.

I will not be going to college tomorrow. Neither is anyone else for that matter.

Comments on jaiku, check email - oh! there's a surprise, ah, and I'm off to sleep.

Movie-goers, Think!

Here are two very good, slightly biased, and fairly expressive reviews of the movies that seem to have taken over the deaths in Iraq and President Musharaff's roller-coaster reign.

Referred to by herself as t2, she's given you all the reasons to reconsider plunking down all that money on OhSoOhhhh and Saaaaw(be)wary-yaaaa!

Okay, I must admit, I wasn't going to see them anyway, but her reviews do confirm my 'suckiness-is-directly-proportional-to-hype' theory.

A hype-oh-this-is, in every sense.

Alright, I'm going to be baby-sitting Nitty and Deedoy for a few days. I have lost my time-balance. I have no idea how it seems to fly by. Diwali just came and went.

No boom-boom-bang-bang pictures this time. Everything seemed to be low-key with amma departing for Chennai. I felt so sad, I even talked to myself about it.

PK burnt herself. And I couldn't help her with typing. Sid is probably going to need dental surgery. I think I might be needing one of those too. Sid had a minor accident on the way to my house. He's hopping around his aunt's house now. The whole week's plans have been bombed. Bhu came down for Diwali, gave me a couple of shocks, and made me realise that people will do what they want to do, and nothing can stop them. It all follows a pattern, and as you might know, I take an active interest in patterns - especially patterns.

The cryst-all-ball(zzz) told me that there would be an elusive romantic interest on Saturday. Why are my friends making fun of me! Sid's c.b. told him that he'd have a "encounter with fate that would delay travel plans". (He's going on Friday, one day later to his prior planned departure). PK is going to see a plastic surgeon about her hand, I must go and visit her.

B. makes it sound like girls are nice: nice to run around trees with, nice to text message, to talk to, to meet and greet at will.

Yes, he also suggested that I get myself a partner, if I wanted to survive college.

Do you think he was right? Do I sound that desperate? Must everybody go through break-ups and make-ups(/outs!)... Must they suffer, and make others suffer as well...

Or am I just paranoid! Gawd, help me!

Internals start in a few days.


Would you send out an invite?

Imagine this:




Think about it.

Talking to myself.

Good conversation is often found in the most unexpected of places:

Sometimes when you really can't wait for someone to talk to, there's always somebody you're leaving out. You.

Talk to yourself. You'll find yourself actually having fun. Create an imaginary friend, or better still, a friend. There's always room for possibilities.

So, don't worry when you don't find anybody online. Just think of them as a bunch of nerdy losers who don't deserve the wisdom that you have to offer. (too freely for comfort!)
(Note: This could actually be a reason why they don't show up online, it may not be just co-incidence. Self-inflicted wounds.)

Ah, ah, ah, but where was I? yes, I was scrapping myself, quite happily, blissfully unaware of the fact that I'd find myself in somewhat of a doodah (yes, I like Wodehouse, I read a lot of his books most of the time, not quite the right thing to do. Ah, ah, ah.)

I had a bit of avilose podi this evening and I'm finding myself a bit stuffed. Stuffed -that would be the word. So, I think I shall have a bit of water and repair thence to mine study whence I shall conjure the shank of knowledge and don the "Mask of the Nerdithia".


"I'm playing with an iPod!"

What is the world coming to? What is progress doing to us? Why an iPod!

An iPod! "I'm playing with my floormat!" would have been really nice, but who has the time? I ask them, and they're off making their living, or aiming for glory and life-partners and jobs and careers and whatnot.

Thank you Preeti. The iPod is a very nice device.