Idiotic Quantum Box


Listening to TWiT a couple of weeks back, I heard Leo mention this.

I know of Schrodinger's Wave Equation. But I had to think really really hard, to get to the reasons why I found this funny.

Maybe I still don't get it.


All cat fans, including batty old cat ladies of the future (especially you t2!) are advised to check these out!

Lolcats and ICANHASCHEEZEBURGER are huge collections of these, maybe it's because I don't have a cat, but I still don't get it! Wahawah!

Ah, there's a link on Wikipedia relating to Schrodinger's Cat! It's a thought experiment (meaning, you can imagine performing the experiment, but not actually perform it. Just like explaining the Einsteins Twin paradox!).

So, think about it.

Cheque De India!

This has to be the pun of the day! A newschannel was carrying it proudly today.

Hockey players are enraged that their reward, and special bonus for bringing home the Asia Cup didn't have enough zeros in it. Funny, people should realise how important zeros are in everyday life. Zeros are not only nice looking numbers, but their presence is often associated with the quantity of the sum - the more the better.

Not the first time players of one sport have complained of 'step-' treatment.

Ah, I made a nice tidy sum when the markets rallied the day-before.

I want to share it with the hockey team, but I'm afraid it's not even close to what they got.

Maybe next time.

Meanwhile the ToI had a ball with Dhoni's mug on most pages. The only pages he didn't have a full-page-congratulations-for-bringing-it-home-from-some-money-grubbing corporation looking for some nice publicity were in the newspapers that I didn't care to even glance through because I was so Dhonied by what I had seen. Or was it because I didn't read those?

Noisy at home. I have a sample of what it sounds like most of the time. Poor amma. I pity her. I even give up the wonderful educational facilities (that DO NOT include the internet access) at my college library and come home to keep her company, so that she grab a few winks while I watch over the homestead. I feel sad, she's been cooped up for two months, ever since the bathroom redoing work began. She needs a break. Let's hope Mr. Jet Airways relents and delivers those tickets they bloody well should be delivering! These big cos. are always looking for a way to screw you over! I wonder if the guys who started these corporations know how we see their operation.

Ah. Sad, but true.


Funny, the workings of the world are such a mystery, aren't they?

I find everything funny, don't I?

Am I what others perceive me to be?

Or are others what I perceive them to be?

Can I perceive the world the way I want to perceive it?

Why is everybody keyed to such base aims?

Sometimes, I wonder, why do I lack the energy to make a change?
I want to change, but I find it very difficult, don't I?

Why do people whom you'd expect to be rational, do things that don't appear to be so?

Obscurity tends lend it's own charm to things, I think.
Maybe we should all be charming, viz. obscure.

Obscurity coats the commonplace with a veil which one must peer through to see what's behind it all.

Obscurity is nice, in certain ways, not so in others.

I like being obscure.

I was chatting (I'm planning to drop this activity soon btw) with a friend of mine via IM. She is telling me that I said too many things that didn't seem to make sense rightaway, and left her curious about what was behind it; I make the previous statement in reply. I told her that some things don't make sense, and obscure statements were a good way to begin a conversation, much much better that the usual "Whatcha doing?" which is commonplace, and really unimaginative, if only we had more people who began their conversations with statements like "I ate brown rice today, but usually, I eat red, but then again, I find the whitest the prettiest rice of all."
For all you know, that could be the beginning of a very interesting conversation, which needn't last too long, but right after which you feel that there was a lot more you could have spoken, and you don't even remember where it all started, and feel sad that it's now ended.(the rarest of them all)

Ah, I miss those.

We have our first internal tests on Monday (henceforth 'internals') and I have not made much progress at all with my subjects. I must begin, and see to it that something comes of my efforts. I have to check with HP about their 3-year extended warranty plan.

I haven't been to RD Dental Clinic in a while. I am getting tired of my braces. Hopefully I shall have cast them off before I graduate.

The workers will hopefully be making a 'sweeping' exit for the last time on Saturday. Mr. Shankar was bricking mad that they hadn't exited the refugee camp that is my room in 2 months, and not 10 days like they had promised.

Things will get better, won't it? Define better. Better late than never.
Arrivederci. I love this, I read up the meaning somewhere - till we meet again.


How I wish I was there again...

People are there, always reminding you, "You were so cute once!"

I don't know whether I should feel happy of sad in these moments, uncanny and suddenly they come along, as quietly as the moonlight steals over the bulb-lit city.

It seems as if those cutepics were placed there for some devious purpose! Nobody's fault really, I'm sorry if I've given that impression.

Internals coming up.

I know what I must do - the right thing.

IN(dia) playing right now.

They're off.

I've got a ton of stuff to do.

What's wrong with me!!!

I need somebody! Help!
Not just anybody!

The phone's not working btw.

IN(dia) the FINALS!

I'm sure you'd have heard the fireworks and the whoohoos!
Who thought it would work out this way?
India is in the finals of the ICC Twenty20 World Cup! Yahoo!
Check out this link for more info.
Cricket: India see off Aussies in thriller

One hell of a thriller. Even thought Shave-wogg tried his hardest to prove yet again, that he wasn't really worth the trouble of printing a t-shirt for! Damn the guy, 20 runs in one over! and bloody hell! what was he limping around after one over for!



happened today!

I go into college, a little tardy maybe. I'm locked outta class with a few others.
We spend an hour talking in a free classroom, (513) and then attend the second period.
Then, the teacher decides to impress us with her pro-noun-see-ay-shun and phonetics, and linguistics and before you know it, holey moley! Half the class ends up with fits, and body-in-hits. So, the teacher is pissed and announces she's given up the teaching duties of this class, as she found it too much to handle. (I feel that she over-reacted a bit, but come on! all this could have been avoided with a little tact and a little delicacy of speech.)

She approaches the Head-of-Department, and files a grievance notice. She wants him to come down dhamaaal on us; vengeance is so sweet, and yes, best enjoyed while having convinced every other faculty member that we're the meanest bunch of creeps that sprang up at 2 AM from the coconut grove behind the college. Yes! we're the people who were thrown up from Hooligans Hell, not because it was full! NO! Because Cosmos is air-conditioned and so much more posh! Now, our HOD is new and he doesn't want to get the unpopular vote so soon. (I think, we think, this is what he's thinking.) So, he says that this is a bit too silly. If we make sure she won't press charges, then he's okay with it.

So, right now, it's a deadlock. She wants him to vent his alleged displeasure, and he doesn't want to be too hard. He wants her to forgive and forget, she doesn't want to. So, what are we to do in the middle of all this? Raise a whole galatta, viz. hue and cry? Nah! like any other set of powerless students raised on tayeer shaaadam (!!) and peeekle, we just wait it out. So, we ended up waiting two hours (nearly) in the classroom waiting it all to blow over. Then it was lunch, there was no slack in the tension line even after. So, we decided to call it a day and headed home. We'll have to see what happens tomorrow.

So, I didn't attend any classes today. Not because I bunked, but because I'm just one in a bunch of nearly 80 thugs. Of which about 10 are paaavam paaapas and the rest are, well just looking for free periods.


All this fighting and bickering
Begs the question
All this smallness
Begs the question
All that makes one weary of the day
Begs the question
All that makes life unpleasant;
And the mind torment itself,
Begs the question
All the times you wish you could change something,
Begs the question
All the times you closed your eyes and wished they'd disappear,
And they'd be forgotten,
All the times you were clouded by strong emotion,
Unpleasant, and a distorted
World sprang up before your eyes,
And you saw the people you knew,
Doing strange and wonderful things
And you asked a question.

There are hidden depths to a person,
(What they say is true, you agree)
But every time you are confronted by strangers,
What are you supposed to do,
Repaint that potrait,
And try looking at it differently.
And above all, ask questions,
(Realise the changes)
They go with answers,(some of them)

You realise that there is only one question,
Many answers, a picture might be of help.
Just one question.

My My, Aren't They Beautiful!

"You're bea-yoo-ti-ful...", it insisted.

James Blunt wasn't singing. He's not a great singer. There's nothing great about a high-pitched, whisper-quiet, and slightly whispy voice when you listen to it in say, just-checking-out-this-song kind-of-mood. Or maybe, I'm just making excuses: I'm not that perceptive, or sensitive.

"It's true..."

It takes on a whole new dimension in the middle of the college ground. Nothing could prepare me for what happened. It felt so real. I felt as if, I'd seen it as JB saw it, her. The song was real, the words actually meant something, and I knew.

Why did he write that song?

I think we know:
It's for every girl that a boy sees, but cannot see
Every girl that a boy sees, but cannot see
Her scent as she passes by him in life, but that too fades away,
Just like her memory,
Till he sees her again.
She is a person too, he knows, but he doesn't know how to reach out,
And take her hand.
Tell her that he understands,
Life is a long walk, some company would be nice.

Mandal's brand new shiny metal-backed Philips portable media player really helped. I sat there and forgot that 'You're Beautiful' was actually a song. It's an entire lifetime of emotions. I completely forgot that I'd not eaten lunch. People jabbered around me, as I faded away. And as "she caught my eye, as she walked on by..." I just let her know what I thought.

So, don't hesitate. People come in all forms. Bea-yoo-tiful. Just let them know that you think so. And who knows, you might just be making their day.

"How much ya' got?"

It's not a simple "Hello Sir, how are we doing today? How's that girl you're seeing? How does your outlook on life affect the weather? How does you willingness to make the world a better place make life better for the people living BPL? (They really must make the best of things!) Lalalalalalala..."

I don't know why but I get so annoyed when that's the question people ask me first thing in the morning! Well, maybe if I'd pulled off an eat-my-inkblots-losers sort of performance, maybe then, yes, I'd have stopped to think before I yelled at them! But since that wasn't the case, and it wasn't one of my best mornings, that's exactly what I didn't do (yes, not even the maybe).

Being the class topper must be quite an experience. People either goggle (maybe even google!), and ohgosh, and ohgollytheymusthavesomethingupthere, and do all sorts of things to make you feel you just pulled off something nobody's ever done before. (even if you did it the last time!)
"It's nothing, but it should feel like something," said a friend of all the above. Each teacher who took class today made it a point to ask who was that special person, and each time, that s. p. was vaulted to the throne of FCDLand. (For those of you, who don't know, that's VTUspeak for "Well done, ole' boy/smart girl!")

I actually heard some muttering in the last bench... :-) (And you know what, I was a last bencher too!)

Very cold day today, something of the joy that there were no more results to be awaited that day, and there was nothing in the world now that could stop me from putting on my best performance in the whole of my fledgling academic career (spanning 19 years. Yes, there are times when I feel that the less you speak, the more you listen, the more you learn. Gaaagaagoogoo (sh-looo-nort!)).

Diya's off again, on her jet plane.

Both sissies are attending auditions everyday. Which reminds me, I must go to where I learnt that you can piss people off, and that aunties are nice people. So, if you're a Sishu Gri-hite/hian who hasn't heard about this yet, here's the sad news. Anila aunty's husband passed away the day before. He was 73. She actually asked Nitty (who is a student in her class) about me, when she went to visit. I must do what I must do.

Sad. Ah, everybody's changing and I don't feel the same.

Who is that special person? You ask, well some secrets must be kept.
Put her away in your special place, and maybe some day,
When its raining, and you have some time,
Take her out, and tell her how you feel.

7:07 PM

At this time, I realised that two years of engineering is behind me.

This thought didn't come without some grief.

Congratulations, to all whose efforts bore fruit.

Now, I'm free.

HANG in there!

Seriously, you just gotta do what they tell you. Sons of guns!

When will it be over? When can I start living life? When can I stop prefixing every thought with 'after my results'? When can I look for the one, without wondering whether I'll find her before I find my results? When can I read a book and not wonder as to whether my fate will be similar to the tragic hero's? When will I do the things I've been holding back till 'after the r.'? When will I stop snapping at Deedoy when she renders the 10 year-old-lonesome-I-could-die line from 'Leaving On A Jet Plane'?

Funny, two months and still nothing but squat. It feels like a constipation that has lasted two months, and no amount of Hajmola or anything else will take care of it. Maybe we ought to try that Magic Marks Card idea...

And Deedoy is still singing...

More sleepless nights, I think not, I'm done, let it come when it wants, VTU will NOT hold my life back?

Did I hear Nitty say she was jealous?

Dear Sysadmin@VTU, I don't have much to say, so I'll be brief.


And a prayer:
"Our father who art in heaven,
Hallowed be thy name,
Lead us through these dark days,
Even when BESCOM decides to cut the supply.
And the generators don't work in college,
Keep the weather like this,
And occasionally let me pass those long walks in
Pleasant solitude.
Come what may, Thy will be done."

And another prayer...

Diya actually sounds good.

VTU needs some time-outs

Okay, this is nothing unsual. during results is as good as orkut, during most weekday evenings. Well, actually worse. So, what can we do to speed things up when you're two minutes away from a blood vessel (or two) bursting, unable to handle the pressure of impending results? You try to get through but time-outs and blank screens are obstacles at every path. Here are some lessons that I learned over two years of VTU result-checking.

So, if you've just come online to check your results, read before proceeding thenceforth.
Don't be daunted by the length of the post. It's not much and can be skimmed through if you're familiar with most of it.

Note: Do NOT go to the main page. Directly to will help marginally.

1. Once you get there, stay there. Don't move. Don't pass go, don't collect $200, nothing is worth closing the window, giving up the treasured seat reserved for only a few users at a time. The VTU Results Page:

2. Don't wait for time-outs to appear. If you've been seeing that 'Connecting to' message (at the bottom of your window, the status bar) for a time period between 30 seconds and a minute (during peak traffic), then hit the 'Stop' button which will stop pinging the server (or hit 'Esc') and press F5 or the refresh button.

Remember: your request has gone through IF and ONLY IF the message 'waiting for' or 'read' message appears at the bottom. But there is no guarantee of something happening.

3.Sometimes, they do use white-out! You enter your USN number, the request goes through and the page begins to load, but then you're stuck with a pretty pointless white-screen and nothing happens. This is the worst case! So, what do you do? Give up? Nah, you go back and enter your USN number again. (Hitting 'Refresh' or F5 doesn't help here! If it helped you then let me know.)

The best (read quickest) way to do that is very simply, just hit 'Backspace' on your keyboard. You're back to the results page and enter your number again if you've entered it wrongly. Or the browser usually caches the request so, all you have to do is press the 'Enter' key on your keyboard again. This saves time, as many people hit the 'Click here to go back' link on the page which tells you 'Oh sorry, you've entered a wrong USN number'.

Next, if you've go NoScript turn off scripts, keep it that way, a lot of CSS is on that page which makes it even slower.

So, here's wishing all you jacks the best. A few precautions and your life will be that much painless.

NOTE: This info may not be accurate and is subject to change, just like the HODs of some departments in some colleges...

2:34 AM - think about it

Bedshaped? Oh yeah, totally. What am I doing at this ungodly hour? I should be sleeping right?

I suffer from something they call 'Computer Addiction Syndrome'. Coincidentally, I was watching a news snippted on NDTV 24x7 which dealt with this who issue of too many youngsters being rooted to a spot in front of their PCs and not able to get away, no matter how hard they (never) tried. Re-arrange that and you get tired. Being mentally tired and physically not has its disadvantages.

Look at it this way, your brain wants you to go and sleep. It's the logical choice among all possible choices, it says. But then, you wanna go outside for a round of - hmm, what games would you like to play? Dude, you could run naked throughout the streets and noone would complain! Wouldn't that be wild! I mean, think about it, how many people you know have done the nakedguydoingearlymorningjogat3AM routine? I know people who might do something like that, but as to whether they've got a fait accompli, I know not. I shall speak with them tomorrow. You do that! Let's see if we can blog on the joys of running free of the shackles of civilization. But! but! what about those Hoysala jeeps going around the colony, wouldn't they be a bit peeved if they found me doing something like that? Hm, it is a risk you'll have to take... But think about it, how many of your friends have been in the slammer? You could be the first...! Oi, you're really sleepy, aren't ya! Off with you now. Shutdown maadi, you're getting more and more reckless as the minutes tick by.

They say that a bad back, dry eyes, and a lot of other stuff are symptoms of comp. add. Maybe they're right and I should check in with the local deaddiction center for a month. Or there's always the above alternative, which even though sounds less pleasant, (not to mention adventurous; think about it - you could do a Shawshank... SHUT UP!) gives me an opportunity to spend a month in jail, (they may go easy on me, taking into account the fact that allegedly I didn't intend to offend anybody because nobody but c. a.s and ghouls are awake at 3 AM) and blog about it when I get out. Think about it, you're spending a month and coming away with a wealth of material, enough for a bestselling book, eh? Why not.

My eyes are dry. I think I'd better go.

But, before I do, here's promising that I'll be back. I'll have to tell you all about my results, mustn't I? Still not recovered from that fever, and yes am coughing things up. I think it's going to be quite a while before I do. Spoke to PK and she chided me about not taking 'some pills' (pills! pills!). B. sounded happy to be exchanging cellphones with his lady love. (Rings to phones, now that's progress!) Sidmeister did not show up. Jackass!

Time to go.
BG Score: Keane - Bedshaped
via FoxyTunes

Today: Grey Dawn

  1. "The Wall has cracked" was touted as the most popular (and clichéd thanks to Mr. N. S. Sidhu) caption all news channels carried on their feeds. In a very "dramatic turn of events" (one more in a list) the current (or wait, now that he's resigned, how do we looking at things in hindsight refer to him?) handed in his papers (but "not his boots" as one newscaster put it) to the BCCI Chairman.
  2. M$'s OOXML or ODF? Which is better? My advice: choose what comes at a lower price if you just don't care. Or if you're a die hard M$ fan, you might already be using the former, unknowingly, of course. As M$ says, "There's more choice if we offer translators for ODF."(!)
3. I am currently recovering from a serious blow to my nervous system. I need to have a bath. But as my olfactory thingies don't seem to be functioning the way He made them out to function, I have no way of telling how bad I smell.

More on no. 2 later. There's a lot of groundwork to be done. BSNL's shut shop today and they're whooping it up. So, there's obviously not going to be any bb deliveries this weekend. I'm feeling slightly better after all the "sleeping around (the house)" I did today. The workers did not troop in for once.

Woke up to my "Wake Up Call" again, and was greeted by a grey cheerless dawn. I felt shitty. I don't know whether I should sleep or catch up on college work, or I should bite my tongue and set about submitting that assignment for Monday.

Ow! just sprained an ankle. Tomorrow is a holiday. Hail to Thee, Vinayaka.

They're Out Again

Looks like we'll be getting em' like we wanted.

Results on Monday - "Eh, how much you got yaaaaaaa?" on the following day.

For those of you who are surprised by this:

September 14, 2007


B.E./ B.Tech. III and IV semester result announced for all Belgaum and Gulbarga regions. Mysore region results will be announced tommorow i.e. 14 Sep. 2007.
Bangalore region results will be announced on 17th Sep. 2007.

MCA V semester results announced.

And the link.

Wake Up Call

Yes, that's what I woke up to, at 5:15 AM! This is brilliant.

I've always struggled to wake up early. But now, I've cracked the code and shall be a early-to-rise, if not early-to-bed case!

More on this later. Right now, I've got things to do. No people to see.


That should put a lid on things:

[The scene is a go-karting track somewhere in the City. There is the sound of revving engines, the screech of tyres and three go-karts come zooming around a bend.
The trio are best friends - such bestbuddiesclosefriendslifelongpals that they refer to themselves collectively instead of the generic 'Thisone's Gang'.
They call themselves CheKaGo. Now, before you reach for your Dummies Guide to Cliques, note that this is closely linked to their names.

So, they are zooming along the course, whee-ing doing the girls just wanna have fun routine. Viz. proving that they're crazier than guys when it comes to having fun.

I happen to be the local incharger (where do we come up with these crazy words!).]

Naanu TrafficKaap. Neevela erring go-karters, who've knocked me down.

Naanu:Lie-sense elli madam?

CheKaGo (all at once):Dey! kothi, bai muchkondi hogi...

N. (a little perplexed at all this animosity):Pleesu, nannage kannada nadina makala chanda, jaya bharatiya taraniya tanujate!

CKG:Yay, getu lostu!

[The three transgressors speed away raising the dust.]

Me(coughing):Basavagowda lagilee, nannage nodu, kannada naadina makala chanda!

[The dust envelopes TrafficKaap. And the curtains fall.]


I feel like TK right now. Dusty and slightly basavagowda-ed.
I have a cold that started yesterday. Thank you Mr. Sniffy "Sneeze Up Your Windpipe" Knows! I'm eternally grateful for this token of your friendship. And as a sign of my gratitude, I shall put you on the IIt.

And now, we observe a moment's silence for the recently departed.

I've been listening to 'Maroon 5's new single -'Wake Up Call' - continuously. It helps during sit-choo-ay-shuns like these. If it's not a ballad about infidelity and revenge, it's one heck of a tune about it. It really caught me in the morning, today.

Deedoy, one of my siblings came home looking like she'd flunked one of her subjects. Amma put forth that theory, and as it turned out (after the Spanish inquisition by Nitty), she had! Ouch! D's usually yelling at everybody. Ah, now she's had her first flunked test. Don't worry di, things will get better. We all went through it and came out okay. Well, almost. I remember getting those marks. I remember that the first thought that crossed my mind upon seeing the number would be, "How do I tell them?"

Ah, if only I'd get my results in a reasonable span of time... I was on the phone yesternight with a friend of mine who is in Manipal - Mr. Seed. And he said that I sounded like I needed something to take my mind off the results. Pity, that wouldn't work either.

"MG Road Girl, who is she, hmmm?" inquired the pretty maiden across the aisle.
It was in the middle of Data Communications, I think. The very idea of that entity whose identity was veiled by a lot of obscurity, and a bit of memory loss, and the fact that I have no knowledge of who she is drawing the same question from many who've seen her picture.
It is a pity. I don't know who she is.

Will the real "MG Road Girl Please Come Forth and Take Me To A Better Place" is going to be the #1 single on the charts. Actually, I think I hear the song now.

"It was raining that day,
I don't know my thoughts were astray,
Hit the button for the ground floor,
Waited for that slit in the door,
As I descended into madness,
Also gladdddddddddddness,
Maybe sadddddddddddddness..."

Okay, maybe I should be working on something else.

I'd better go.


  1. R. is not getting his comp with immediate effect. Damn, where am I going to rip and encode all those non-Region 5 DVDs!! He insists that I deserve a Core 2 Duo. And yes, a 8600 GT, so that h/w (that's hardware and not homework!) benchmarks can be performed.
  2. The land of Hyderabadi biriyani - nuvu nenu Hyderabadu - is going through a rough patch: a flyover in a busy commercial area has collapsed killing about 4 and injuring 30. The flyover was still under construction. Of course, these are early figures, the death toll is suspected to be higher.
  3. India has 'chak-de'd Korea all the way 7-2 in the finals of some major tourney today.
  4. VTU is not going to give us our results tomorrow. Apparently, a bunch of 1st and 2nd sem with a much lower BP are getting theirs. We'll have to just wait till we burst a couple of those blood vessels, and take a liedown with a packet of strokes.
  5. I will not be getting my ADSL2+ connection soon. BSNL has been kind enough to provide me with unprogrammed ports. I must wait for a few more 15-day spells.I am a self-centered, selfish, double-crossing, always-looking-out-for-my-end-of-the-deal type person. Viz. a person you wouldn't really associate with a louse of the first water.
  6. The desktop is in for an upgrade, pictures later. It lies now disembowelled and cold. The shell of what was once a great computing machine.
  7. I have college tomorrow. Monday morning blues. Wait, I have college today, M. m. b.
  8. P.K. wanted to borrow my p. but was unable to because I didn't and still don't have a c.c.
  9. No. 8. sounds a lil' shady but what is apparent isn't, what it appears to be.
  10. Ten is good, nice one to round things off.
So, another week has begun. A new day has come.
Will my road cross with another Gabalagooba-Road girl? Will it be you?

I think I should stop checking that bloody website.

So, what do we call our podcast? Who's interested?

Face/Off Book | Drain | Handbrake | R.'s SP Heist | Podacst (sic) | Umbererella

I love looking at webpages this way... No images. I've turned off images to speed up load times on the dial up.

So, I found increased speeds of upto 50%. Orkut loads immediately like on broadband without any of those bea-yootiful mugs on my friends list. (I miss them already... :)

Unusual day, things are draining too fast, battery power being one of them. I find that my music player is not as fast as it used to be. And the funny thing, all plans have been upset, I was supposed to meet a friend of mine this weekend. Of course, I assumed that the results would be coming out and I would not have the Damocles of VTU over my head. Pffft!!! if I may borrow from an expression oft expressed in online chat by that very friend I was to meet.

Ah, postponing things seems to be the order of the day. I have been waiting for Handbrake to convert two DVDs of mine for the past few hours. The bar is stuck at 100% and the mixing of the audio and the video streams seems to be taking place. Unfortunately, the progress indicator for the 'muxing' process as it is called seems to be taking quite some time. And I haven't gotten any error messages or BSODs yet. So, fingers crossed and hopefully, all those SSE instructions weren't pipelined in vain...

This thing is burning through my shorts. I must place it on some surface capable of bearing the exothermic output.

Developments are in order. I was speaking to S. over the phone about my ideas, (well, actually its more like an idea). He thought it would be a great thing to do. And that's when the network interrupted with a "yanking-the-vocal-chords-through-your-ass" routine. [Exeunt] viz. that was the end of conv. Just hope that doesn't happen when the idea is being implemented. But once we have really superfast connections, all we'll need to reallyh worry about is the power supply. Maybe, but will that be all?

R. spoke about getting a new motherboard for his dream machine (read comput-ahhh) today. He was actually going to SP road when I called him at about 6 in the evening.

Here's what I imagined would have gone down there:

The scene is SP road, narrow, cramped and smelling mostly of silicon and soldering lead. And there's also that nice, synthetic cleanroom smell, millions of processors may be born every day, but this is where they are adopted and history is made. And this is where the BT Junkies hang out too. The shops are pulling down their shutters. It looks like the end of another long day of haggling with schoolboys and people in baggy pants with bags slung over their shoulders, red puffy eyes and showing all the signs of never having known a good night's sleep.

A commotion. R. rushes in.

He runs into the nearest shop and starts making inquiries. Shakes his head, runs to the next one. And repeats the procedure. He does this repeatedly till there remains one unexplored.

He enters the shop, only to find the s.k. giving him the look of a man who doesn't care whether you're about to make him richer by a few k's that minute.

R. :Dude! I need a motherboard! ASROCK #U*#@$#$^@#$^#@$^#@$!!
----A permutation of all the alphabets of the English language---------
What price?

[The keeper gives him the numbers.]

R. :
Come on, I can get it for much cheaper on eBay! Swalpa discount kodi!

[The keeper grunts. Hufff pufff and names a revised price.]

R. : Come on, I've come all the way from Holebalahalalalalallahalli a few kilometres away through Bangalore traffic. On the way, I was picked up for driving without a license, I had to give that bugger something, and now I have only so much. [Holding out some money]

[The keeper gives him an eye. And shakes his head.
R. slams his fist into the counter.]

R.: Oho, too much masti for you jacks! alright, I'll give. But you have to let me open the package here, set up a demo system and then when I'm satisfied, I'll give you your money!

[The keeper looks at him wearily and mutters. Then he looks at the clock. And says something.]

R.: That's better. But I want phifty rupees less as I had to bribe traffic cop. And I gave my petrol money.

[The keeper nods. Hands over the packages.]

R.:Okay, [handing over money] see ya! [Exit right]

[Keeper gazes at him. Mutters. Turns off the light.]

[Shutters going down.]

Back to the real world-----------------------

Which reminds me, dad said that the desktop was due for an update and asked me to find out what could be done now that it wasn't working. TT game was terrible today. I feel out-of-sorts.

If I may have your attention once again, we will be doing a podcast of sorts. 'We': being me and a bunch of my friends. I am hoping to convince them that it's worth spending a little extra bandwith on, and it's a good way to get your thoughts out. Dump it on me. Wait!! DOM. It's something a little different on the lines of popular talk podcasts. (Dude, that's an oxymoron, you'll say.) But then, it's a lot of things from the perspective of a lot of students, which means the goal will be to unify all these different views and come out with no conclusion whatsoever except for the fact that life is not a one-way street with one lane, it's a one-way-street with multiple lanes - just like the Chennai-Bangalore highway that's come up (with toll booths on the way), except that its one way and there are plenty of people to keep you company. So, till we put something together, watch this space.

Update: One rip is done. Time is 1:54 AM. Go to sleep.

"It's raining... Ooh baby! it's raining..."
(Prithee, may I stand under your umbrella, my fair maid?)

Looks like I'm in for one hell of a night... It's raining like whoo-ey!
Rihanna dear, stay indoors!

I Don't Drive Alone

A friend of mine said that.

Everybody is still here, and the results are not out yet. People are still talking about plans to visit a faraway place.

And no, I will not bring the car. I absolutely refuse to.

I must wait for some more time.

She Is:I am.

I saw her on MG Road.
It was raining.
Very hard.
I didn't turn around for fear of appearing rude.
So, I walked on,
I must not let anything intrude.
As I walked out, she followed.
I feel hollowed.
But as I walked on,
I heard a voice close beside me,
It told me: "All you need in life, is one moment of joy each day,"
(Aside: "I'd like two better!")
"Apples can keep doctors away,"
"But, if you don't like apples,"
"This is surely the thing."
Did she have one earring,
I could not see.
For I saw that she had turned away.
And was walking into the murky,
Inky black cloud.
I'd rather she turned around
Cold wet, footsteps,
And a memory.
That's all I am left with.

Note: The pictorial representation is for illustrative purposes only. Not to scale.
Specifications subject to change to change without notice.
Note:B&W and optimized for low-bandwidth connections.
Note:I made this baby.
Note:Okay, you can't be too accurate with a fuzzy month old picture in your head.
Note:She wore black, but while capturing it, I did it in blue.
Note:Too many notes, spoil the post.

Bill of Vrongs | Windows Waste ah

Mr. Bill Gates,
I have been a Windows user for as long as I can remember. I have used most versions, right from 3.1 onwards. I thought Windows was the best OS for personal computing. Till I realised, I was living in a dream world. I am not happy.

I am using Windows Vista Basic because I didn't have a choice when I bought my notebook. Believe me, if there was a choice, it would have been Windows XP anyday. I have a couple of bones to pick with this:

Eye candy is nice, but then you also have better things to do than bask in the festivistas. Using the high quality settings is a major no-no when you need stuff to perform at its optimum levels. I used the Performance Measurement tool to rate my machine. I got a modest score of 2.4.(well, for lack of a more-cushion-the-blow kind of adj.) My graphics performance gave me the lowest score. So, I turn off the eye-candy and presto, the score is still 2.4! But there were some minor improvements in the response time of the desktop. You really should take a look at what the open source universe is doing with programs like Beryl and Compiz... Now, that's eye-candy and the best thing, it actually works better than Aero with lower config reqs.

There are a lot of compatibility issues. This is extremely funny, I had to run a demo version of NFS Carbon (released 2007) in Windows 95 compatibility mode, because it just refused to work any other way! I wasn't that lucky with many other programs (3d Mark '03) is an example (Maybe Windows 3.1 should be an option in the list!)

The disk defragmentation tool is a terribly contrived and obscure tool. It doesn't seem to be showing any information regarding the fragmentation on the disk and doesn't display the time remaining for the defrag process to complete. So, I'm using free 3rd party software for my defragmentation. It may not work as well as the one you provided me with, but then I'd still like to see the defrag program pretend to be doing something.

The hibernate option seems to disappear each time I perform a disk cleanup. My friend who also is stuck with Vista has told me that this is due to the Hibernation file being part of the cleanup. But where do I enable hibernation. Another bunch of hoops to jump through. There is no option which lets me customize what happens when I close the lid of my portable computer, and when I search for it, (the new search box at the top-right is really fancy...), I see it there, but clicking on the option doesn't take me there either. So, what do I do? (Ah, I fancy another fix.)

The total lack of sensitivity about running processes astounds me. I had just started encoding a video which would be burned to a DVD after encoding. The entire process would take about 2 hours. So, I just left my computer on (lid up). I return later to find that Windows seems to have put the machine in sleep mode while the DVD was burning! So, what do I have, a frisbee that could have stored 4.7 GB! How can you say that the computer is idle if there is a DVD burning! A continuous I/O process that hasn't exactly completed yet. And it wasn't as if it wasn't plugged in! It was, I assure you. So, I lost So, what if a crucial file is being burned and windows decides to sleep on the job! Will you compensate?

I was given no installation media for Vista when I bought the machine. And also, no explainations accounting for its absence. I only realised it when I needed to install Linux. I had to make my own 'Restore DVDs' and according to their description, they erase everything on the drive (including personal data!!) and restores the machine to it's factory state. Now, why would anybody want to do that unless they had nothing to lose, which is not the case here. I'm a student in college and I have a course on UNIX this semester, you really can't expect me to use only Windows, can you? So, I had to ask for help and then use your partition shrink tool to work around the absence of unallocated disk space (everything was allocated to Windows by default). Are you making sure that I don't use anything else? Is there no way I can do a fresh install of Windows without any of the OEM software? Must I go out and get a new copy, spending INR 5000+ (which I might have already paid for)? I have a license key I have never had to enter so far? Will I be able to use it at all?

I've come to expect certain things from each new version you make us pay for, and I'm sorry to say that nothing has even come close to my experience Linux and Open Source software. I'm only depending on windows because I don't have the bandwith to download open drivers for my devices. Windows Vista has only been a crushing disappointment so far and it is a terrible thing that people are only buying your software just to be held up by the unavailability of a service pack. And yes, installing updates must be my most favourite activity. I don't seem to be doing much else! These things take ages to install... Why? And there's no progress indicator on these things...

And yes, UAC is the probably the worst feature Vista has got. It doesn't do anything for you, nor does it let you run these really simple programs without an extra mouseclick! I've disabled it and am doing fine, thank you.

These may seem like small things, but trust me, it is the small things that really count.
Right now, all I'm looking for is a window out.

Feeling most wasted,
M. Ullas