Oandh Celebrity.

"I've observed a long long time,
Life has moved through me,
Quarrels over time and space are nothing to me.

Joy or sorrow, I have not tasted,
Though it may appear that,
I derive no pleasure in just existing,

I ask for nothing more than just a chance
To justify a carefree existence,
So, I've seen the workings of the universe,
Subtle caveats, in abudance,
From my rock, I saw them all."
- Oandhu

I am an oandhu. A chameleon, that boy calls me. His mother named me, Mr. Oandhu. Very apt, she thought. Hm, not very descriptive, but heck, there's my picture above. What can you convey in a handle that you can't in a picture. I appear a little colourless to me, but I'm sure you see the world differently, tell me what you see. That nice boy tells me I'm yellow. But he can't tell me what yellow is like though. I guess everybody has their limits to expressing themselves.

That's a picture of me. Taken by that boy who I think used to live next wall to me. I occasionally caught a glimpses of him watching me through those square apertures they call windows. I think I occasionally caught glimpses of myself on those windows. I didn't know I had a twin. But these twins weren't there too often. (That boy and his fellows left the windows open too often.)

I'm not as bad as I think. Pretty colourful, ain't I? And how many like me do you know who have a blog.

That nice boy, felt generous and asked me a couple of questions. He said, he'd show me the world. Since, I'd often felt as if I was the one doing all the world-watching. Thought it was time to do the opposite, show the world me. Make me a little celebrity of sorts. So, he decided to share his blog with me. That sure was swell of him.

I'll go and catch a little something for lunch. Wait, it's teatime. Meanwhile you can tell your friends about me.


The Piggyback

Cousin brought his laptop home.

So, we decided to find an open wireless network.

And found ourselves home:

Neat eh?

A big thank-you to all the guys at 'home', who unknowingly, or intentionally set this up for broadband-starved individuals like us.

May there be more homes' for us all.

Hogenekkal: Where I was not destined to be.

"I was never destined to be there,
Never, ever, ever.
Not on that day,
That day, when everything seemed
To us, wonderful and full of possibility,
Every sunbeam set us ROTFLing,
Till overwhelmed with our pleasures,
Quiet settled on all of us,
And we sat reminiscing every moment of that day."

Circumstances did not permit my accompanying my friends on a trip to Hoganekkal: a quiet little hamlet about 100 kms from Bengaluru. It is known for its waterfalls which are quite a sight, after a long journey. Full of energy the currents cut channels in the rocks. And the river level rises 100 ft during the monsoons. I went earlier there during the summer. Most of the rivulets were gentle streams flowing gently on the hot rocks.

Damn. I need a life. My friends went there yesterday, and when I saw the pictures, I could hardly believe that it was the same place. Most of the water had submerged the valleys and all we could see for miles around were rocky islands and water. And I believe the hanging bridge was submerged.

Title Change.

A friend of mine and me, were having a conversation on what appeared to be extremely desultory topics, you know the kind of conversation you have when you have nothing really to talk about but are just using up bandwith and time... She said she'd read my blog, and then she suggested an idea for a title, I suggested another. Mine sounded pretty good. So...

This blog shall henceforth be referred to by the name:

(Random Thoughts of a Random Fellow)
nee' Manu's Blog

Though I deny that there's anything original about it. It still seems a trifle more not-so-vague than the previous one.

Comments: email me.

Status: Abnormal

A well-meaning friend of mine, in just 10 minutes gave me all the reasons he thought I was screwed up.

He was right.

God. I need to open my eyes. Give me strength.

There, I'm Done.

Done with the papers. Don't ask me how they went. They are over with and that's all that matters.

I've made a resolution now to write a post everyday for the rest of the vacation. (Or call it sabbatical. I'm still stuck with prefetching 5th and 6th semester portions.) So, tither thence, and hence I go.

Stayed up late last night, (up till 3 AM today would be more accuate) uploading a video of me and friends onto that great cesspool of online traffic and video, Youtube. It's been uploaded and it's finally online. Thing is, I still haven't managed to get those curiosity-inducing-snapshots up. I don't know how to, or the snapshots aren't ready yet.

My eyes. They've changed a lot in the past few years. They've been bloodshot as far as I can remember. Tired eyes

"I wake up with blood-shot eyes
Struggled to memorize
The way it felt between your thighs
Pleasure that made you cry"
- from 'Makes Me Wonder' by Maroon 5

Let's move on.

It's don't know that is such a great video. First of all I needed a mic to narrate along. Otherwise the entire thing doesn't seem to make any sense. (Like I said "obscurity personified".) I have supplied this deficiency with descriptive captions along the length of the video.
But somehow, the transitions I applied between the captions and the movie (owe it to the odd time of my endeavour, or the fact that I was being eaten alive by those Anopheles gambiae) seem to have disappeared. So, the narration is very very jerky.

Today was full of misunderstandings. I mislead Bhu, he misread my intentions, got pissed off, I called up and smoothed things over. So, we're looking forward to tomorrow's Hurry Putter expedition. Let's hope we all get there on time. The lack or total absence of tickets, money and transport notwithstanding.

Busy day tomorrow.

"God damn, my spinning head
Decisions that made my bed
Now I must lay in it
And deal with things I left unsaid
I want to dive into you
Forget what you're going through
I get behind, make your move
Forget about the truth"
- from 'Makes Me Wonder' by Maroon 5

Brilliant song. I've been here before, haven't I? :-)

Visited the cosmos today. The Dollar Store has opened. And Rs. 99=1$. And you thought we were not into capitalism and exploitation of lack of currency exchange rates! What a bargain we have here folks! And yes, the N76 is still INR 20,684, thank you very much. The only thing I saw worth buying was the pair of earphones from Philips that cost INR 45 (incl. taxes). Back home and straight to the newly inaugurated Sapna Book House on 80 ft. road. On our way out we were accosted by two transvestites who proceeded to tap on my car window. Whewaaa!

Some nice, lengthy conversations I had today, been a while. Thank you An., another An. and Ke.
Your patience with my lack of coherence is much appreciated.

Thriller. PB Interrupted. Nice & Deranged. HP.

"The funk of forty-thousand years... No mere mortal can resist.

<insert weird laugh here, accompanied by hooooowwwwlllll' s>"

Whew, I keep jazzing it up, whenever that comes up:
It's close to midnight.
here's something evil lurking in the dark.
(I have an exam the next day. That must be it.)

I have performed satisfactorily in -
(Hold on. There seems to be an interruption in playback... Whenever I hold down the shift key for more than a second, there is an interruption in pb, maybe it is because there is a keyboard interrupt being raised by the integrated keyboard controller. Also checked the background processes, there's a lot of CPU usage, OW! just noticed that the CPU is under heavy load by some background process - when I held down the backspace key, there was another interruption. I think, it's because Picasa is running. Better shut it down.)
What was it again? I have a last exam left to endure. So, one more late night sit-up and I think I will be given license to sleep at respectable time for a month, that is a comforting thought. Certainly makes these nights seem endurable. At the cost of a few nights sleep I get to sleep whenever I want for one entire month.

Nitya was helping Diya out with her Maths that day. Certainly nice to see those two being nice to each other. Even if she was snapping at her every 5 minutes or so to remind her that they will still be N. & D. (loving siblings who'd list, I've Got a Knife: Who Goes To Rotary Blood Bank First as their favourite pastime). It's a nice thing to see once in a while. They do have the potential to be nice. For a while at least.

But now, it's back to lamming each other!

So, The Pianist finally arrived after a month's delay. Amazon.com's service lady was nice enough to send us a replacement in two weeks. No charge. Haven't seen it yet, along with the 100 odd movies that my friend has been collecting all year. Ah, that makes it quite a handful.

I may be going off to C. But I have a day set for friends who call me for HP.

Still have to go and drop N. off at the tuition. I think that bike has become a problem...

Three Down, Three More to Go. Maybe...

Wait! No! I don't know.

I quote what a friend recently described the papers as: "Good, bad, ugly." (Not in that order necessarily.)

Three more to go, FAFL, IMP and CO. God grant us that saturday quickly.

Till then, I'll keep drinking tea and break the tannin aftertaste with sweet dreams of salvation that lie on the other side of the week ahead. Sometimes, I find myself wondering why I stay up till 4 AM. Because the results don't necessarily reflect on the logic-defying feats. Maybe I should have spent more time on my subjects during the semester. Then we could have slept at some more respectable time, like say eight 'o clock. (I've always wondered how the "o' clock" came into existence. Does it stand for 'on the clock'?)

Things that I've never done before:
1)Stay up till 3.40 AM for MAT
2)Stay up till 4 AM for GTC
3)Stay up till 3.30 AM for ADA

I never quite found myself doing all this during the internals. Maybe because I felt that all that lost sleep was not worth 25 marks. Maybe if I had, things wouldn't have resembled the situation in a pressure cooker now. Ah, past is past. So, getting past this is the only thing on my mind now.

Nitya had her much awaited walk down the ramp today. After weeks and weeks of constant persuasion she managed to get the go ahead from my parents, who, much to their dismay found that it not only entailed extra car trips to school, (imagine the distance between the earth and the moon, and the amount of time it would take you to reach by car). The girl got home only at 6 PM, she would be late for kannada tuition and mostly miss it. It entailed enormous efforts on amma's part to cover up for her and I don't think she was too nice to her even then, fussing about her make up and clothes and stuff like that. Whew! Glad that's over.
Now all I have to look forward to from her is "Manu why don't you drop me on the bike, because I CAN'T walk half and kilometre to tuition." and the resulting contrapositive of that statement, "Why don't you tell amma to put me in aerobics so I can lose weight. I'm soooooo faaat!" Yuck! Why don't these females stop worrying about their weight. I never worried. I've turned out a well-rounded person! (cough!! ahem! Seriously I have a terrible cold now.) But I'm not frowning all the time like her!

Diya, is playing the usual, "Rebel against everything, even if it seems easier not to" role. Obnoxious to the superlative. But then, that's her. I don't know why she didn't get cast in 'Mean Girls', (Make that singular.) too young maybe. She's now the in the fifth and has exams to cope with. Her tests start in a week and she's doing everything that I was doing before the exams. Take a guess. She'll follow in my footsteps, that one.

Enough, I must study for Tuesday to avoid replays of this semester, in the next semester. I pray for Shoe-has. Poor fellow; six days starting Monday. Maybe I should consider that offer NIMHANs put out, buy one get one free. Maybe I should jump into my straitjacket now. (Just leave my right-ing arm free please!)