There are stupid things, and there are stupid things.
I did something stupid. (like I've never done this before!!)

I accidentally managed to make a few partitions of my HD disappear. That's not good is it?

The one containing all my music, and also the one containing all the Friends episodes that I had, and I mean all the episodes!

Sheesh! This is going to take a while to recover, thanks to limited speed of disk access. But then quantity comes with a tradeoff against performance. Like a big healthy person, more intake, less speed!

IM Monologue... Journalism as a Career

"Yes, I'm down and feeling blue.:-(
And I don't know what to do... :-?
Ping! Ping!!
Why don't you give me a :-)
And I sit all alone impatiently :-(
So, Ping! Ping!! why don't ya give me a :-)?"
- 'Ping Ping', ABBA, (c)2007, M$ Records, Geek-o-rama Soundtracks.

Okay, ABBA did sing "Ring Ring", a very dancy tune... But IF they had sung that song, they must have an attempt at juxtaposing contemporary modern methods of communication such as instant messaging with the sentiment that an individual feels when one feels a desire for connection with someone, anyone else. (To be read with accompanying Freudian voiceover. And yes, adjusting glasses unfalilingly every few seconds, and a cough cough, cough ahem!)

I saw my cousin online on Google Talk - no surprise. He's always online. He works there.

Pity. Pity. So, one must resort to some other means to entertain oneself.
So, I go on an IM monologue:

Hello there.
You there?
Or maybe I should make it:
"Hello, you there?"
Ah, that seems right.
Straight. Terse, to the point.
Or maybe I should just end this monologue and get back to whatever I was doing before.
Which was practically nothing.
So, I might as well continue.
Ah, this is fun.
Yeah, Google on...


You don't expect a reply, so you go on a tirade of IMs till the other person replies. Which could take a from a few hours to a few days depending on your reasons for not being there when you're logged on to the service. I've seen some people just logging on for no reason at all. They're actually busyily immersed in doing something else and they're in mood for small talk with people - strangers and friends included. And you ask them what's up? They respond with a distracted sounding, I'm busy doing something here. Or it's "I'm not going to be polite: let him figure out why I've put the busy message on my status! I don't want to talk to him." But you try and try again. Till you get a reply that has it's roots in sheer exasperation. They'll tell you to get a life!

Or probably some good career advice:"Why don't you put that talent for writing bilge into something serious! Hey, make a career move into journalism!" And then you begin to think, maybe...

Pondering career changes, I decide that what he says does make sense. If I were a journo, I'd be the nice, approachable kind, who'd approach every story with a strict determination to stick at the facts and let them be heard. Ever wondered why they're called 'stories'? This newspaper, or news channel broke the story at this time! Why? Are they nearly-complete-fiction, or didn't they have a better word for them? 'Mys-tories': dawn of a new idea.

Have you flipped through the TV and noticed how these news channels all peddle sensational stories. A boy falls into a dry well shaft somewhere in Karnataka, it was in Racihur. And a regional channel was on the story for 3 days, at the end of which the boy came out dead. Terribly depressing. It was very obvious that the boy was dead long before the rescue could be made. Ah, then there was a riot ,because the rescue team pulled out from the mines nearby, people thought hadn't done a good job of it! Another boy named Prince was luckier than this one, when he fell into another well somewhere in Punjab. He was rescued after 2 days. And the reporter onsite nearly joined the boy when the mob pushed a shoved him to the edge of the chasm! Whew!

Maybe journalism isn't such as safe profession after all.

I'll stick to engineering for now. Who knows, maybe I'll foray into j. some day!