Powerless and Home Alone.

The entire family has left for Kannur. And I'm stuck at #463, 'Shloka'.

No power today 9AM - 6PM. Terrible. Terrible.

No work done today. Just zzzzing.

And did some squirrel feeding and a lot of sweating.


I must water the plants now. They're the only living things in close proximity for the next two days. Sadly, everyone else is having exams, so I mustn't bother them with my loneliness.

The results arrive tomorrow. Some nail-biting has to be done.

Wish I had somebody to talk to. Maybe it's time I found myself a pen friend.


My examination results are about to be announced.

I'm alone at home, so I thought I'd ask my mp3 player for some guidance.
"What is life going to be like from tomorrow?"

This is what it said:


"Life's what happens between and betwixt those goddamned tests!"
-An Engineering Student

Which Reminds Me.

I've got internals tomorrow. Ah, wish I had somebody to talk to...!

Round The World in 3 seconds flat.

Nice panoramic view of the world from the terrace. No squirrels this time! Couldn't find any scurrying around! :-)
Shot with a Sony Cybershot DSC-W1 and edited with Picasa.

Note: images positioned L to R. About 270 degrees arc cut by images put together.

(These are the times I wish I had wide angle lens!)

VTU Time Machine

has built it's new state of the art time machine for anyone who gives a shit about anything other than that mobile phone ban they've placed in all their colleges! :-)
Here's a preview... Cool huh? VTU Zindabad!

Maybe when I go for the convocation 2 years from now, I'll get to see what's behind it all. Hee hee!

Nose Bleeds and Stiff Upper Lips

My nose has been bleeding all through the week, as are my lips and well ... I think that's about it, but let's face it, it is not pleasant!

My mouth taste's like the bus railings on the BMTC buses, as if I was using one as a teether. And you know, not many 19-year olds use those things. Today I was playing TT with acchan for about an hour. Few minutes after I finished with the game and he'd gone upstairs, I was to find myself bleeding over a copy of Anne Frank's Diary. Almost as if the bloodshed around Anne was reflecting in my life.

And it's so damn hot up here. With the prospect of internals next week and a lot of cramming to do, it's no wonder that everything feels oppressive.

India sucked yesterday night. I wish I hadn't stayed up now. Feel totally wasted.

Maybe I should continue writing, get a bigger book to write in.

How am I supposed to maintain a stiff upper lip now, when it's falling off...?

Three things I learnt today:

1) It's nice to have an uninitialised HD. Doesn't happen often, wish I had RAID setup. Taking it outta the anti-static cover is easy but seeing the "smudgies" on the surface - is proof that getting the damn thing screwed in, is not such a cakewalk.

2)Portable apps don't believe in subtlety!

3)Memory is easier to deallocate - hence faster!