From the Archive: Reviewing The Nokia X1-01

Nokia X1-01 (Red)
Like scrubbing through tracks? Not an option.
Quick question: if your workplace has a no-cameraphone policy, what do you do? Do you stow the smartphone that you paid INR 30,000 for down your pants, hoping nobody conducts a strip search, or do you get one of those cheapo phones that for Rs. 1000/- and quell the itch to check your twitter or post photos of your pedicure-needs?

Actually, you should be doing all that. Except you could put in a 32 GB microSD card and listen to some tunes while your workday breezes by. The Nokia X1-01 is a DUAL SIM phone, provides an MP3 player, support for upto 32 GB of expandable memory, and the rest of the features that come with a basic phone, texts and calls and what not.

What's there to like about this?
It has a Bl-5J battery that has a capacity of about 1440 mAh. That's on par and even better than most smartphones out there. To put this in perspective, the iPhone has a 1450 mAh capacity battery, except it has a lot of bells and whistles that drain the battery much faster. This has dual SIM Standby, it allows you to play music for about 10+ hours non-stop.

This is where I got off the thought train back in 2013.  The last I remember of the phone is feeling the empty pocket where it once used to rest. It had fallen out on my commute to work. Motorbike. Traffic. Jeans that too snugly over my  hips. Not very difficult for a curvy, plastic clamshell to slip out unnoticed.

I felt bad of course, and I swore myself off phones for an eternity that dragged on for a week. Desperate pleas from family and friends left me with no option but to go back to the pawnbrokers, my broken promise and pride the only pledge I could make.

I remember the phone being extremely durable. On one other occasion it actually fell out of my pocket, while I was in-transit, via motorbike. Since I was not going too fast I was able to detect the change in pocket real-estate, pull over and retrieve it, heart pounding, not worrying about the fate of the phone, but about what my fate would be in Bengaluru's famous morning rush-hour traffic, but because I was dodging morning rush hour traffic, while hoping it was not too late. Ultimately, the screen was cracked in a corner, and the back plate was a bit scratched up. Everything else was in its place. I think a bike went over the phone and it still continued to function as before.

I think this is the Tom Cruise in Mission Impossible of phones: predictable, efficient, and gives you exactly what you can expect from a Nokia phone. And oh yeah, it runs forever. I remember getting through 2 days of work in a single charge at one point. It's been discontinued now, but I'm sure somebody is still out here holding out for somebody like you, looking for retro-tech or a suspiciously basic burner phone.

You could always check here to see if one is available.

The Girl Who Played With His Desire

A long-forgotten but not-yet deleted post from two years ago:

Reading The Girl Who Played With Fire right now.  I'm not yet halfway through the book, but here's what happened on one of those staring-into-space moments between chapters:

There once was a Girl,
Who played with fire,
And there once was a Boy,
Who did all He could,
To suppress His heart's desire:
The Girl Who Played With Fire

But one day, He could take it longer,
He confessed to Her, and She said,
Oh, You're such a god awful liar,
You deserve to be  spanked,
While roasting on a spit, above your own funeral pyre,
While the townsfolk vent upon you their ire,

And may your soul ascend ever so higher and higher,
Higher than the astronauts, and the cosmonauts before them,
The juggernauts of industry and space and time,
The haves and the have-nots,
The wipsy forgotten forget-me-nots,
The He-loves-me-He-loves-me-nots.

And how does it all end? He asked.
What does it matter? Said She.
You'll be Above,  I down below,
Waiting for Your rain to descend,
And leave my soul cleansed.

And That is how it must end.

Heavy thoughts. Maybe it's the flu I'm battling pulling my imagination strings.
Here's a ditty that will help take my mind off things weightier issues (like my weight :) ):

What's In A Poem?

It's only words
What one makes of it
Might as well be up to the birds
As long as I ask myself "For this life, what have I to show?"
I Hope. I Think. I Know.

Friday Lay

I gotta have a lay
In the sand
Warm and dry like the land
Mother Earth's hand 
Closes upon me like a vice
I feel nothing to despise.

Fashion Is Not My Passion

Fashion seems pointless
Why does anybody care 
This cut, that fabric, that dress
Covers up what was once truthful and bare
Layers of apparent meaning infused through division
Branding and pleated infusion
You choose between La Moda heels and Jimmy Choo flats
I'm choosing one of De Bono's Thinking Hats.

Transformation Leakage

Optimus Prine always has time
Saving the world from 9 to 9
And a overall cool dude
The rest of the time.

Motion Sickness

We're moving through time and space. Trying to find a place to stay
Just so that we may
Newton First Law is right
It's hard to stop for the night,
Try hard as we might.