Waste Less Time

I'm not very productive on weekends, or without a deadline. Here are a couple of things I've tried out:

Get off Facebook.

The internet's biggest time sink is probably Facebook. It lead to a whole slew of services each attempting to out do each other to be the holder of the title for Humanity's Biggest Time Sink.

Notice how the login bar looks like a championship belt
The compulsion to check on my what my fellow human beings think of me, every 5 minutes is not healthy. I believe the scientific term is narcissism. Now, it's easier to check facebook than say to myself: "I am being narsiccstistic narcicssitic narcissistic."  It just takes one keystroke.

f YOU!
As soon as I press f and the Enter key, I'm going straight back to the land of Narcisissies since I don't actually need to remember my credentials. That one large jumbo-sized hoop I need to jump through is gone and I don't have anything to stop me from scrolling through the same CLICK-HERE-TO-SEE-HOW-ALLIGATORS-DO-IT reshared posts.

So all I do is this:

Impulse Check Force Field :  check
Uncheck Keep me logged in before logging in. And ensure you log out. This and setting a password that is hard to get right the first time ensures that any impulse sociological checks are limited to a great extent to when you actually have time to key in your credentials each time you visit facebook. Or you could actually try locking yourself out when you want to control yourself, because password resets are such a pain.

Step 2: Stop impulse checks on email
More in this list as I find time to write these down. Now time for Episode 2 of Fringe.
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