Literally Literally Literally Literally

I literally wrote this line using my fingers to tap out the letters on my keyboard,
I can literally count to 10 using my fingers,
I can literally count to 10,
I can literally count,
I can spell literally, literally
There's literally an 'i' in literally,
If you literally re-arrange the letters in literally, you get y'all liter.
That literally makes very littlerarry sense.

Polar Espresso

What's lost, what is seen
On stage, behind the scenes
Stationary, running full-tilt
Sandy, slipping in the silt
Pepper, saccharine sweet
Buffeted, nothing to eat
Aimless, feeling complete
Crackling dry, morning dew,
Hated by all, loved by few,
Save the world, nothing to do,
Everybody you knew, somebody new,
Finite ending, endless it seems,
Extremes, with nothing in between.