Batman & Robin

It remains to date the only Batman movie I've experienced (so far) in a theater. I remember seeing this movie in Lido Ulsoor back in '96 before I'd even heard of a multiplex. I thought it was the best Batman movie ever! But then again, I had to grow up to know how stupid kids are.

Still not sure why The Dark Knight seemed so awesome on first viewing.

But TDK Rises proves just how powerful the Joker was at distracting an audience from the total lack of logic behind his jujube-clown-suited-hair-brained scheme. Rises just didn't have the pop to blow our mind. We were still thinking clearly despite the nearly-three-hour runtime. The plot-holes; the totally-out-of-character behaviour; the complete absence of the Joker; two women whose roles in the film were just afterthoughts (except  maybe as a reason to reunite the cast of Inception); and so much more. We could see all so clearly at the very first viewing. This was definitely not the case with TDK. I had to see Cinemasins to figure out the plot holes and even then I was left feeling quite hurt. I enjoyed seeing someone else concur with my view of Rises. In the end, there is only one answer to all questions.

Because I'm BATMAN!

Watch the HISHE version here:

And the Cinemasins countup here:

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