Pure Clarity

When some code that you've been working hard to get running actually runs giving you a result that doesn't resemble something keyboard cat would have come up with, this should always play in the background:

That's Wake Up by Rage Against The Machine as heard in the Matrix as The One takes flight at the very end showing off his skills as The One. Perfect song to set the tone for the sequels. The last lyric:
"How long/not long/'cause what you reap is what you sow" seems to be letting the Machines know that their time is coming, and soon. In the era before the post-credits-scene-riding-on-the-coattails-of-the-summer-action-blockbluster-which-was-also-postcredit-trailered was used to announce sequels, this was pretty powerful stuff. It took 4 years to make the next two movies, but this was brilliant. Speaking of other Wachowski movies, I should watch Cloud Atlas. The trailer reminded me of the Mahabharata. I never got a chance to see it in theatres, as it was never released here. I guess it is the kind of movie most audiences wouldn't have had the patience to sit through: an epic, but then again, people did sit through 8 Potter films and 5 Twilight ones. :) All kinds to make a world, I suppose. I digress. The satirical tones and sticking-it-to-the-mannishness of this track notwithstanding, it's a pretty powerful track.

It's been a while since I've seen The Matrix. Time for another viewing. I see it even today and it doesn't seem like a bad movie to have liked. My parents had videotaped the worst of all the Christoper-Reeve-era-Superman-movies and I used to be such a big fan because I actually believed that if you believed enough you could take flight and be Superman. I remember one of the fancy dress competition's back in kindergarten, I was dressed up as Superman, cape and all. I'll post a photo when I can dig it up from the archives.

It's sad that Superman IV, no matter how great I thought it was doesn't stand up to the test of time.

Funny thing about Superman 1, I thought the whole rewinding time thing was ridiculous even then. Wonder if the movie jumped the shark (or went around the space-time-continuum bend), even before the end of the first movie.

Back on topic, that track should have been called Rage Against The Java Virtual Machine. Take that StackOverFlowException for stopping my recursions!
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