Listening to Ellie Golding's "Lights"
In the middle of the nights,
The outside street light,
Finally doing its job right.
Well, I really should be saying Goodnight.

The street lights here in our little corner of the world work on the roll of a die cast at the local BESCOM office everyday. There's one next to my window that I use to judge whether the power is out or not. There's a UPS system in place, but the batteries are worn out and don't last longer than 30 minutes. Hence the careful use required. The whole household goes into RED ALERT mode (sadly the power required for the flashing lights and screaming sirens is not there in the batteries of the UPS, so all this is imaginary). We run around switching off fans, lights and cellphone chargers and anything else that might even be remotely plugged in, we'd even switch off the UPS so that the little tiny lights that glow on it don't suck out our precious power (really, we are that lost and confused in the dark).

Power cuts are a good reminder that before all this electricity (and the light bulb) came along, we all lived either by the light of nature viz. the sun, the moon (technically the sun, again), and the stars (which the sun is but an example of one)  ; and oil lamp and candle light (technically, anything that burned bright enough and long enough). We told funny stories to pass the time and generally went to bed and rose early. I think we were far better off back then. Maybe all the world needs is a good nights sleep. I mean, everybody at the same time. That should take care of most of our 'issues' and give us all the perspective we need.

Yawn! Alright, time to wake up and go to bed.

Write Round (The Universe)

I need to write more,
Write till my wrist cramps up,
And I can't write any more,
My fingers are sore
From gripping the pen too hard,
(An unfortunate habit, I've formed over the years, Thank You God!)

I could write stories of this,
And essays of that,
My thoughts on the price of human life,
Is it okay for Mr. Shady Politician hiding behind Cool Shades to have more than one wife,
The people on the other side of the world engaged in civil strife,
Rebels with a cause,
The mothers and wives and children mourn their tragic loss.

Life's a bit like a salad,
The Master Chef threw in a bit of everything,
A little of the good, a little of the crazy, a lot of the mad)
All in some incalculable proportion,
Some Infinillion Island dressing, added to the commotion,
In the end was life a strange smelling potion,
Sampling the dish, He recoiled,
(What is this strange dish?
I cannot even feed this to the fish!)
And knocked over the Bowl,
The contents spread all over the Table,
And continue to spread Itself thin,
Where does It end?
Where does It all begin?

Whatsapp Facebook?

Noticed today that chat messages on Facebook are getting a little check mark when they are seen by the recipient. This has been a part of WhatsApp's client behaviour for a while now. I guess this is happening because a lot of users are accessing FB through their mobile phones.

Also there were issues with messages not being delivered during temporary connection outages. I suppose this was introduced to indicate the delivery of the message as well.

Any guesses on how be long before we start seeing two check marks for every message? :)

What if FB bought WhatsApp?


Somebody forgot to edit this... what's with the snip snap intro.

What was JB aiming for with this?

  1. JB can rap, or speak real low and manly, sorry, make that breathy, creepy-telephone-crank-call-ish
  2. JB can also do the squeaky-falsetto.
  3. Overdubbing works for JB. Yeah. Way to open a dam's floodgates worth of production to turn a record that will probably piss off a brook to part a waters of an ocean. .
  4. JB just turned 18, so I'm old enough to drive. Watch him do the round-and-round-a-barrel-in-the-middle-of-a-soundstage while he looks into your eyes.
  5. So I, So I... insert operative verb that will turn give this a Parental Advisory sticker... on you
    Nice, so this is about not cutting off your teenyboppy fans. Glad you remember your fans!
    But you're all grown up now, right? Learn to cuss! It'll get you more fans! I know your fans curse more than you do. :)
  6.  Weak lyrics, bro. Really. Everybody does this!... Try something different, rather than taking the inhuman backing sounds to a new level.
  7. Also what's the crew from Step Up doing there?

Ah, who am I kidding? I've not cut a record. I didn't kiss Selena Gomez. I can't sing about boyfriends, or girlfriends, or anything.

A tip for JB: try using your vocal range to your advantage. And hire me as your songwriter.

Also, I'm going to see Ree-yanna now.

I'm Green With Envy

That song by Coldplay - Green Eyes.

The Hulk


Green Answer Call Button On All Phones

Green light on the traffic signal.

Green Grass of Home

Maybe I just like her crazy green hair.

My Grandfather

Ashes to ashes.
Dust to dust.The elements combine, only to combust.What does it mean to love, to trustAnything that strong can only rust.
Time casts its inevitable spell
Nothing else can compel.

My grandfather, K. K. Padmanabhan passed away yesterday after a long struggle agasinst the effects of multiple myeloma and being almost 90 years old. He was a good man. He helped a lot of people, society recognized him for this. Many people owe their present to him, myself included.

If there was one statement I remember him using a lot, that probably gives one some idea of what the man was all about, it is this:

Sarvam Bramhamayam Jagath

(the entrire universe is pervaded by bramham)

Tomorrow Never Flies Emirates

I've been seeing this everywhere I go, even at the cinemas when I caught a show of Avengers.

I guess I've always wanted to travel and see more of the world outside my own little bubble often referred to as  'my life'.

This 60-second commercial reminded me of my desire to travel, for the ones who see more of the world are the ones who end up richer and wiser (hopefully Emirates has a discount for such people).

For those of you who liked the soundtrack to the ad, here it is, the aptly titled 'Trek' by Spencer and AntFood:

I'm floating, I can only hear the words, but I am not trying to make sense of them, just float above the clouds. "Take everyday and make it something new..."


The entire movie could be see at one point on YouTube, now all we can do is see the trailer...

Life in America as experienced by everybody who goes there...

Not quite what you expect.