Trip me this. Trip me that.
To be born young
And die fat
Now who wouldn't get a kick out of that
Penniless in the street
Falling for mercy at kindly Death's feet
Slain in battle, bleeding bloody defeat
Choking on Italy's finest (ravioli?)
At your worst enemy's most luxurious retreat
There are so many ways to come
(When in earlier days there was but one)
And so many ways to go
The destination's the same
Whichever way you play the game
Whether on a hospital bed,
Or a streetcorner, or even the finest of thrones
Before you know it they would have returned your bones
I was once told that My Life is like an arrow travelling through darkness, into the light,
Past others like it, and back into the night
It's the plight we might all share,
Do others deny it, do they even dare (please don't care)
Pretty much how life goes
This way and that.
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