Night Train

"I fell asleep
On a late night train
I missed my stop
And I went round again"

- 'Try Again' by Keane
(coincidence: they have also released an EP called Night Train)

Night-journey trains. I'm currently on the Bangalore Mail. They really ought to have a system where somebody wakes you up in time for your desired stop. If only I had not been asleep for those few more minutes or that jerk passenger too lazy/high/numbed to check the station name had not been too lazy/numbed/high, I might have been home before 5 AM. But as the fates would have it. I must go all the way to the city and then come back by bus. Good thing about Bangalore City station is its close proximity to the central bus terminus. Easy to get buses going as far as where I live at this time. Let's see if I can make it home before the crazy traffic starts.

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