WhatsApp + Nokia S40

I don't really know how it works.

So I have a Nokia X2-01. Great phone. QWERTY. EDGE. Bluetooth. Upto 8 GB of extended data storage. And it looks good and doesn't feel too cheap.

Luckily it happens to be one of the phones that WhatsApp develops their Messenger application for. Really nice application. I've never been this happy with a chat application. It gives you the option to send out any type of data  - text/voice/pictures/videos etc. Just wish more of my friends knew about and used it. It uses the contacts on your phone to tie you up with your friends. So no need to sign up and maintain any account of sort with them.

S40 doesn't offer a task manager by default. So you can't kill the process if you find yourself low on battery life. And closing the app from the menu is the S40 equivalent of run-in -background-all-the-freaking-time. S40 doesn't even have a connection manager that you can use to switch off the data connection. The only other option is to put your phone into in-flight mode, which is like running low on fuel in the middle of traffic, and turning off the engine, and hoping that Newton's First Law will help you get where you need to go.

Here's the fix. Navigate through to the entry for WhatsApp in the extras menu where it usually lands up. Apps > Extras > WhatsApp

Use the left selection key to bring up the context-sensitive options menu. Choose 'Delete'... Don't panic!

It will ask you whether you are sure you want to delete WhatsApp. Choose Yes.

Then it will double-check with you: "Are you sure you want to Delete WhatsApp?" Wait for a few seconds like Every-Reality-Show-On-TV-Judge-Eliminating-A-Contestant-At-The-End-Of-Every-Episode-Ever as you ponder your decision... And choose not to. Applause.

The EDGE connection icon should disappear (unless you have something else keeping the connection open). But there's a side-effect to this, I guess when this happens, the process forgets to close open file handles, because of which when you try to open the extras folder, it gives an error stating the filesystem is busy and to try again later.

Switch off and switch on your phone, and you should be good.

Hope this helps you. (Or just get a better phone. Even an S60 phone should be better than this. Since it comes with separate connection/process managers.)

Night Train

"I fell asleep
On a late night train
I missed my stop
And I went round again"

- 'Try Again' by Keane
(coincidence: they have also released an EP called Night Train)

Night-journey trains. I'm currently on the Bangalore Mail. They really ought to have a system where somebody wakes you up in time for your desired stop. If only I had not been asleep for those few more minutes or that jerk passenger too lazy/high/numbed to check the station name had not been too lazy/numbed/high, I might have been home before 5 AM. But as the fates would have it. I must go all the way to the city and then come back by bus. Good thing about Bangalore City station is its close proximity to the central bus terminus. Easy to get buses going as far as where I live at this time. Let's see if I can make it home before the crazy traffic starts.

On an early Thursday

Birthday Wishes

I was about to post this onto a Facebook wall, but then I didn't.

thought I'd write you a little something something, (to commemorate you reaching the quarter century mark)
But when the moment came, I could think of nothing, (Is there a saying that goes 'wit is bit like a lark' - bird flying away leaving nothing but a tiny insignifcant pile) 
People twitter all the time, draining words of meaning,
But what are words for, if nothing but for screening
That one true feeling,

Time to peel back the glass onion, revealing.
Trip me this. Trip me that.
To be born young
And die fat
Now who wouldn't get a kick out of that
Penniless in the street
Falling for mercy at kindly Death's feet
Slain in battle, bleeding bloody defeat
Choking on Italy's finest (ravioli?)
At your worst enemy's most luxurious retreat
There are so many ways to come
(When in earlier days there was but one)
And so many ways to go
The destination's the same
Whichever way you play the game
Whether on a hospital bed,
Or a streetcorner, or even the finest of thrones
Before you know it they would have returned your bones
I was once told that My Life is like an arrow travelling through darkness, into the light,
Past others like it, and back into the night
It's the plight we might all share,
Do others deny it, do they even dare (please don't care)
Pretty much how life goes
This way and that.
There's a P in Poetry
That's what they said to me
I stood at the bowl,
Relieving myself, the poetry flowing out from me.