Lost My Phone

It's quite odd how it happened really.

(I like how I start off with describing how odd things are... Duh, if things were humdrum and the usual my pocket-got-picked stuff was what had happened, it wouldn't be odd at all really.)

So, what happened was this.

My mother has a Nokia E63. I have a Nokia X1-01.

My mother seems to misplace her phone's charger every now and then. I seem to be able to find it all over the place... Except that she left on a trip to Chennai a few days ago and needed to take her phone along. She couldn't find her charger in the last five minutes before departing for the train station to catch the 4:25 PM Shatabdi.

So I gave her my phone's charger for the time being.

After she left, I had other things on my mind. One of them was not finding the missing charger. Before I knew it, I had a early shift the next day, and woke up to find that my phone had a one energy bar of life left, and was desperately clinging to it. So I did the next sensible thing, I turned off the connections to the second SIM, keeping the primary SIM active. (The X1-01 is a nice dual SIM phone, if you're into that kind of thing with using the best features offered by two networks/rate plans.)

I also realised that I wouldn't last till mother got back with my charger. Plus I didn't have the time/energy/commitment/good sense to find hers. So I went out to the nearby store on the way to work (a little late I might add) and picked one up.

The last thing I remember  is sending a text to my friends/colleagues that I was on the way to work.

So I lost a charger but had a phone. Then got a charger and lost the phone. Irony.

I've bought a new phone now. Yes, it is an X1-01. She sure is pretty. Let's hope this one lasts.

Also, there's a first time for everything. Last time my phone went under a truck. Strange how hard it is to hold on these things... Let's hope the replacement lasts.
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