I'm Moving To Windows 7

Yes. That's what I'm going to be doing next.Not a big leap forward. But just to the next, slightly more usable (according to popular opinion) version of Windows. I've discovered that a store nearby will be carrying it for less than the full price on the Microsoft India web store. About 4.5k compared to 5.6k.

Let's hope I can do this soon. Hopefully before my laptop screen breaks completely. Right now it's at a point where each centimeter of swivel causes it to black out completely. So getting a picture on the screen is a delicate operation of patience and stickng-your-tongue out. (Actually, I've always wondered why people do that. Here's the answer.)

On A Day Like Today

This song popped into my head when I was just waking up from a post-breakfast nap when I'd gone to Kerala a few days back. It has been playing in my head ever since... I'd forgotten the title, but I knew some of the words, and Google came to the rescue.

Positively Googled


I am now a part of yet another social nutwork.

<Insert expression expressing exasperation followed by squeals of delight and rants on geometric shapes hanging out together.>

I guess pictures inserted into emails will not show up in posts.