My Thoughts On Moving To Canada


Thank you for the invitation!
I have not recieved my Canadian Visa yet. My passport has been locked away safely in my drawer here and I can assure you that it has not left there since I checked last. To be absolutely sure, I am checking once again. Yes, it appears to be there, inside with that perfectly awful photo I had to take for the passport application because the one I'd submitted didn't "fit inside the box". I keep hearing about "thinking outside the box" but it doesn't happen in the regional passport office here! That's for sure.
Back to issue. I've not booked my tickets yet, come to think of it. Hopefully some day I shall be able to afford the plane fare to that charming country of yours. I hope to see Nova Scotia, and the wonderful Prince Edward Island (just like Anne told me it would be). If your firm is willing to sponsor that, I shall be most happy to pack a change of clothes, some jammies, toothbrush and a towel (actually that's all you need really, the rest are an excuse for packing a big bag for a big trip).
Once you have assured me that you will arrange the plane fare (by handing me a valid ticket) I hope the services that come with your Basic Package can be sampled as well, although I think a family of my own is some way into the future I assure you that when our Canada-ho-wards needs arise we will consult you. I also am very pleased that the rest of my relatives on my and father's/mother's side can be included as well at a very small increment which we shall be most happy to pay you, after all you seem to have left the smallness of the aforementioned to us! The Customer Is Always Right!
I had no idea that one could be educated on the ways of life in Canada in just a 30-minute session. Maybe you will be hooking us up to one of those dream machines like in Inception, so we can explore life in Canada in a totally controlled and safe way and end up getting mugged and stabbed only to way up and find ourselves at the airport. But then again, Canada is not a place where people get mugged right? Right?
I also understand that you're going to be helping us with all the paperwork. If that's really the case I have a suggestion. Why don't you also add “pay our bills for us” as one of your services. Writing out that check is such a hassle. I don't seem to want to do it. Also while you're at it, make a sandwich.
If you're going to be getting us hooked up to cellphones, please don't get us Rogers because the Internet people told us that Rogers Sucks.

Also if I get tired of Canadian winters, will you help me move back to India? Even better would be if you could hire Lisa Bettany to photograph my adventures in Canada plus

Hi Lisa! I have enormous respect for thee
be your appointed escort to these places? I'm wouldn't call myself the most demanding customer. But you know that I'm always right, right?

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