I realised recently that I've got too many blogs/websites/social media outlets: one too many outlets of creative, emotional and technological frustration. Because I've been looking for that one blogging platform that will let me do what I want to do quickly and at the same time give me control over my content (though, looking at it from a less (C) ME-oriented mindset, I'm not really sure if there is anything in my ramblings that anybody would want to make use of).

So, in the 6+ years that I've been on the Internet I've experimented (read used initially with great eagerness and lost interest shortly after a few days) with multiple blogging platforms:

Blogger was the first and still continues to be today. It's the platform that I've used the longest and because I've put up so many posts here, I'm hesitant to move away from it. But with the recent upgrades and the insta-post-save to the cloud as changes are made, I'm finding it really hard to edit posts that have more than two pictures in it as each time the entire post is sent up. You can't type more than a couple of words without the Firefox window freezing up.

I started using WordPress after I got tired of seeing the blogger interface. WP has a wonderful interface but it has too much customizability for my liking. While Blogger is a Google-hosted platform, WP offers you the option of hosted instances or you can host your own since it is an open source project. I think that's also partly why I was attracted to WP.

I even tried running a WP instance from a small AMD PIC box that I still have working here. But I guess the load of running a MySQL DB and PHP-heavy software was too much for it. I got past the install stage but I could never get the admin interface to load up past the 30 second PHP page load timeout.

I have since been blogging on WordPress.com here and there. I'm still not sure why I created two blogs that pretty much sound like me (now I'm beginning to suspect that I have MPD). I like the option to email the post directly (which incidentally Blogger supports also). That works for me. I made a mistake of getting too dependent on finding novelty in the platform I was using for Blogging instead of finding new content to write about. But hey, I'm probably fascinated by new blogging platforms, I should have started a review site where I review every platform starting from A-Z.

I realise that now. Anyway, onward with the list.

Posterous: Really simple idea. Everything should be done through email.

Tumblr.: Because I wanted one.

Microsoft Spaces: This decision is something I never understood and now I regret.

Yahoo! 360: Why? Why? Why!

Facebook: 'Note' to self: "WTFacebook were you thinking!"

Orkut: **&#*#@$&M@nuUll@$$**#^$@#$ must stop using special characters in his profile so freely because that would diminish their specialness. Also, how the hell are you supposed to find somebody named Thanakeshwar if he goes by the callsign: $up3rThankerR0llinRollinOvaUrButt. Regular people pretending they're playing HackherHackhim with stupid hacker aliases.

Jaiku: I thought it was an MMORPG where the person spewing the most 'status' would win a all-expenses paid trip to Finland. (Jaiku was eventually bought by Google and the code was open sourced).

Twitter: Because I was only one tweet away from being termed a "social media maven".

Identi.ca: Open Source again. Also far better than Jaiku.

Google Sites: Google again. And also HTML and CSS! WOW! I found out after using it that "custom-CSS" was a power feature eliminated for

My Own Status Showing Tool Hosted On AppEngine (for lack of a name).

I wonder if there's anything I left out.
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