The Pale Blue Dot

The thought of being a dot
On a pale blue dot
Made me shed a tiny teardrop
I started thinking about it
And I could not stop.

It wasn't blue though, like the waters in the Great Barrier Reef.


is all we have, really speaking. This is all we're worth right now. Our GDP. And it's not growing at the rate of 5% every year. Probably in reverse.

So take a step back and think about it. And if you're overwhelmed, shed a tear. A pale, blue teardrop. Be kind. Rewind.

What I Look Forward To Seeing When I Login To Facebook

Aren't I presumptuous. Note: that is not a question. Why? Because there is no question mark. Just like there is no spoon. End of today's lesson.

CodeCheffing: Central Point

I'm back to posting solutions to problems I found online. This is one from the easy category.

The solution for this can be found here.