Thoughts On The Long Wait For TCS

What prompted this?
I've found myself asking at times "Oh, mera number kab aayega!?" when I open my inbox and a bunch of new emails in which everybody has torn to pieces the latest bit of news that some college somewhere else, which nobody'd ever heard of had been batched. Anguish, disappointment, outrage.

While I was sucked into it initially, by and by I learnt that nothing but the disappointment of unmet expectations would come from this.

So, I thought about it, and asked myself...

Why worry?
Why worry about a date that could be 4 days from now, or even 4 months from now?

Why worry, when clearly, TCS has got far more important matters, like for instance keeping an organisation with a headcount larger than the population in a lot of countries running smoothly, all while adding more people at the same time?

Why worry, when you're dealing with a company that's got a lot of history, a well-respected organization which has time and time again kept up its promises?

Why worry, when you're young?

Why worry, when there are so many other opportunities out there besides thisto fall back in case it doesn't work out?

Sure, you've lost a lot of time, but 6 months isn't the rest of your life. It will seem like a tiny blip when you look back on it 40 years from now.

It's not our problem to figure out "When?" It's theirs.
Screw it! that's what I'm saying. They'll batch us when they can, and need us.

Continued harassing of the people at TCS is certainly not going to help the situation.
They're a big organisation, and since there are orders being passed down a chain of command taller than Mount Everest, there are differing levels of awareness at each level. The HR people like Arun keep getting calls from us, and all he can do is pacify us and stall for another 5 minutes before the next call, because there is very little he can do without the approval of 10 other managers across various departments - finance, recruitment, and so on...

What can I do in the meantime?
If you took a few moments and thought about it, this is time that you have been given to do some amazing stuff.

Go out and learn a new language. Go clubbing. Dance. Figure out how to write a word processor in assembly language. Solve a problem. Write a poem. Be silly. Do everything that you've wanted to do all when you were stuck attending dull lectures at college. Travel. Do all of this and more. Because if you think about it, this is time that you'll never ever get.

This surely isn't the time to be whining about whether the harrassed HR people at TCS are going to chalk off CMRIT on their big training blackboard. It really isn't.

A problem/solution approach:
If you can't help but think about this, then look at it as a problem that needs a solution. The problem can quite simply be described as uncertainty arising from a lack of information. What is a solution to this?

Communication - regular, and reliable.

TCS needs to have a blog of sorts where they put down a list of colleges that have been batched so far, and the next probable set of colleges to be batched. It'd be simple and effective. And at least, the amount of confusion regarding which grade each person's college falls into can be avoided.

Even a twitter profile should do the trick. Believe me, one thing they won't have is a shortage of followers.

Something easily accessible, they can even put it on NextStep if they want to restrict it to just students.

Right now, there are groups on social networking sites like orkut and facebook, that are relied on for information. But these are unofficial, and I'm just a little sceptical when it comes to relying on the information posted here.

It's particularly sad that there is nobody I've found at TCS making use of social networks to send information out to students. Maybe I've not searched hard enough, but they really should start something on those lines. It would definitely reduce the number of calls handled by the people at HR.

They should really think about this.

My position as of now.
Sometimes, there's some good news, and while I'm happy for the people who have been batched so far, and more recently, the non-CS* students from our college, for having been given a chance at something that's really going to be a possible future vertical that TCS is going to be involved in, and like all the CS students, I'm still left clutching at straws when it comes to my future with TCS.

But I've gotten some things crossed off my list. Not a lot, but it is definitely a start.

While, I'm not going to be happy now about not having anything but "Sure, January or February (or any month in 2010)" as an answer each time I'm asked "When?", I'm pretty sure the answer is soon in coming.

Till then, stop worrying, and start living. Life and the time-of-your-life is too precious to be wasted in worrying about some day in the future.

Just have a little faith, and enjoy yourselves. That's all I'm saying.

Apologies on the length of this, but I do hope you gained some perspective on this. This is not a definitive guide on how to spend 6 months while waiting for a joining date, that guide will be written by you, for you.

* I've seen the term non-CS take on some kind of discriminatory shade. Not good. They're engineers just like the rest, and they've worked equally hard (possibly more( to get through 4 years of VTU. Same goes for the grading of colleges. Does it even remotely matter who is better? And believe me, that is probably a subjective definition based on internal company policy. Which we can't figure out. So, why make assumptions?
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