Dad came back after a 30-hour shift. He then took my grandfather - mother's dad - to the Sankara eye hospital nearby. That was for a routine checkup. And in the end, grandad ended up getting laser surgery on his eye.

Here's a timeline of events:
Friday -
Dad leaves at 9 AM for work

Saturday -
Dad is back home at 4 AM
Leaves for the eye hospital at 11 AM
Back at 5 PM

Time spent awake: 32 hours

Grandad is seeing things much much better. Quite

You want to be great at your job, your relationships, and your life. You'd better count on being sleep-deprived a lot of the time.

That's something I'm going to be learning soon.

Now listening to an episode of You Look Nice Today - "Jobbo"

Which reminds me, I got my joining letter from TCS. Just one day after that big rant.
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