is a number. You may think of it as lucky, unlucky, or just a number. Whatever your opinion on thirteen is, I'd simply nod my head and say, "Sure, it's exactly as you say! It's ! I mean, why shouldn't it be!"

So, here I am two nights after I started installing ELGG and I'm still not done with the install, I'm struggling to catch a bug in the install. It has something to do with the mod-rewrite module in apache being a problem. And also ELGG requires it. I can't turn off the need for mod-rewrite and even if I could, I can't change the configuration of the webserver in my hosting provider's thing.

Ah, well, more swine flu cases being reported with increasing frequency. Maybe it's the heavy rains we've been having for the past three days. I think this:

As If Swine Flu Wasn't Enough, Now an Earthquake

is going to become a familiar sight. I hope not, but still, I hope not.

I've got a list of things to do, so, I'd better head out. I'm attempting a second go at ELGG. If it can get a lot of my friends off Facebook, then it should be worth it.

I'm not all for !fuckfacebook but there's a lot about Facebook that can be improved. Beginning with how it forces page reloads whenever somebody comments on a post right after you comment on it. And coming to FB page reloads, they're slow, and painful to wait through when all you're interested in is about 100 characters of text. Very inefficient. They've got the push notifications part down pat, but they need to implement the pushed content part of it also. I'm pretty sure they've got enough engineers doing that for them.

They can implement a controlled system of pushed content, only enable these on walls of people on posts with less than 10 active commenters. Instead of forcing a reload, it could simply drop the comment there in the page, I don't know how AJAX works, but you could show a refresh button along with the post. Users click on this to make the comment show up.

While doesn't do this either (replies don't show up inline), they do allow you to post notices very quickly by not forcing page reloads. I don't know about ELGG, but I hope they do fill in some of the gaps that Facebook has left.

Facebook is very well developed, I'm sure, but it's these little things that they need to take care, in addition to the other stuff like their policy of IP content squatting.

I guess even free always comes with a cost. I find myself gradually drifting towards the "Free as in !facebookfree movement."

Will get back and try my hand at getting ELGG to work.
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