I find this odd. I have nothing to write about today. Let's try reasoning it out.

  • I've spent more than 5 of my 12 waking hours asleep (contradiction)
  • I've spent about an hour of the remaining hours consuming food
  • I've spent roughly two hours socialising, both online and offline
  • An hour running to and fro between home and stores
  • An hour on the TV
  • An hour on Need For Speed: Most Wanted
  • Close to an hour reading that new Java book I bought yesterday

Well, that chart should clear things up! It clearly shows I'm not GTD in a day. Even if I don't hit GTD-nirvana I'd like to say, I GSDT (Got Something Done Today).

Time to rethink my whole approach to doing things. This will simply not work out.

I've been thinking about performing some analysis on how I spend my time during my waking hours. And waking hours here, includes all the time I spend, staying up late into the night (up till the point when it's really really early in the morning), barely awake and unable to think. Of course, I could use that data to track how lack of sleep affects my productivity.

(Of course, that means that I now have to come up with some way to measure my productivity, how would I do that. This requires some thought)

This is interesting. I could also measure the effect of meditation on my productivity. (and maybe that would help me be more regular in my practice)

Interesting, times of meals. The time I wake up. The temperature. The weather. The news. How I feel. Sick/unwell. It could all be documented and measured against productivity...

This sounds like the beginning of a very fun experiment.

And if I could build a system that considers all this data.

Oh my god.

Let's get cracking.
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