Marry Me.

And this is what I was doing when people were calling/texting/IMing their...
what's the word?

This is what I wanted to achieve.

Because having nothing on the right hand means your right hand is free to do other things like, type this stuff down.

Poor left hand, I hope you can take the load for a while, because you're going to be holding onto this for a long long time! right hand> ("I didn't know they could, laugh..." I know, smarty-panties! I know.)

I don't want kidney stones.
I'd like to try being stoned.

Not the one that kills you, (or the one where people throw things at you,)
Though one could lead to the other,
Do you get yourself stoned, or do you get yourself stoned,
Or is it the thing that gets you stoned, that gets you stoned?

To be 21, and still yourself... alone, alone, alone.
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