If Wishes Were Fishes I'm Going To Do The Dishes

I appreciate all the birthday wishes from all the people who cared enough to wish.
Maybe I ought to give this whole b'day-not-being-all-that-important a second thought. Gain some perspective, as they say.

Timeline of events:
  • Received IM-greeting 22 minutes too early from somebody on the other side of the planet
  • 5 text messages from family members
  • Received phone call, immediately put on hold because I happened to be busy doing this
  • Received text greeting at 3 AM (Why would any sane stay up that late to wish me? Maybe it was the thought that I could now be married off to anybody with/without consent that was keeping them up!)
  • Received one at 8:45 AM and one more at 9 AM
  • Phone call just now (missed while I was downstairs eating breakfast
  • Emails from mailing lists that I've subscribed to at various times (three to be exact)
  • Somebody walls me in on Facebook
  • Another text message just now
  • Multiple phone calls all within 5 minutes of each other just now.

I must sound like the world's neediest person right about now.

I've kept count of all these nice things. But why? Well, because it was nice of them to make these gestures even though (in the long run) I'd be forgetting their niceness, and they'd be forgetting why they were being nice (not without some regret at the lost sleep: that one's for you 3 AM insomniac!)

So why even bother wishing me a Happy Happy B'day And Heaping On Me Returns of the Joyous Occasion that happened too long ago to be of any real significance to contribute to global warming? (maybe global heartwarming, but back to the real issue - not that this isn't, but... wait, does that make me sound even the slightest bit of a self-centered jackass? Oh, why bother, truth to the people - the self-centered, jackassish people of the world who wish me Happy B'day!)

If it pleases you (that's a bonus!), and you think it's the right thing to do, then nothing must stop you. But don't do it because you expect me to wish you. If I remember (once you've reminded me, I'll buy you a copy of Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind with my lunch money and starve for the rest for one week whilst you chug down popcorn and cola while glued to the screen trying to understand why Clementime likes Joel instead of you, even if it seems like a few billion light-years outside the realm of possibility.

Thank you HappyBirthdayPeople - I just scored a lot of money.
I don't know what I'd do with it. Maybe I ought to start placing bulk orders for ESSotSM.

What must I do this year?
Easy. I do everything this year. Get married, or not. Get a job. Graduate. Everything happens this year. It all comes down to how early I'm willing I am to get out of bed each morning which is somehow tied to how much work I can get done in a day, how far I'm willing to overcome my fear of being judged, and other things.

But I know how it is, I tell myself that this year is going to be different, and then it just is. But not how I want it to be different, and then I wish I was a year old and everything was back to the way it was.

Maybe I ought to go Finding Neverland. I know Michael Jackson did.
(Ah, Kate again!)

I shall find my Kate. (No, you won't.)
Yes I will. (No, you won't.)
No, I can't. (I thought as much.)
Not helping! (I aim to displease.)
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