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So this is what I've been all day, removing noise from a recently digitalized tape collection that goes back nearly three decades.

The screenshot shows Audacity running a Noise Removal operation on an audio file that contains a full side of a cassette tape - about 30 minutes of audio (encoded in 128 kbps MP3, CBR).

The Philips AZ1856 CD Soundmachine was a good purchase. We've been using that to rip the tapes to digital.

We've ripped about 90 tapes and I've got to take all these mp3 files (about 2 GB total), clean them up, and split them into songs and add the information. [Edit: It's too big a task right now, and I don't I think could do it before getting past third base with anybody. It's plenty of (repetitive, monotonous, clicky-klackety) work, and I've still got plenty a whole lot left to do.

Will be posting with screenshots to convey a fair idea of what goes into getting this done.
UpdatE: Still working.

Newer UpdatE:

Two Three Four A couple of days into the project and I'm still done working.

Have finished with about 9 tapes it.

I've gone from Kubuntu to Ubuntu [notice the changes in the window styles between the one above and the one alongside] and still, I've managed to finish only 9 tapes.

Dad sat with me and gained a real understanding of how delicate and annoyingly iffy this work is.

He said he understood. :-)
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