Tee Around The Bend

Try doing this really quickly:

Where? Who? What? Where? What? Who? Who? Where? What? Who? What? Where? What? Where? Who? What? Who? Where?

Break Me Down? Break Me Up? Break Me Down? Break Me Left? Break Me Right?

Due North? Due South? Due West? Due East?

Are You Right? Are You Wrong? Are You Unright? Are You Unwrong?

I'll Take Forever? I'll Take No Time? I'll Take Forever? I'll Take No Time?

Not too coherent, right?

That's what I thought. Getting well past into the end of the First Season of 24. And it doesn't look like things are getting any better, but I know it will turn out alright in the end. There are a few things I must do. And now, I am gulping down my second mug of tea in the past half hour. And I don't think I can quite stomach this one.

I've always liked tea, but somehow I find myself pre-disposed to dissatisfaction whenever I think of the thing. It's not really done me any good. I've never actually got a kick out of drinking the thing. Maybe it's one of those useless dependencies that one can never quite get over. It's seems harshg to be judging the drink for something that it never promised in the first place.

Why must we drink tea? It's a good question? Or coffee? Why can't we just get our butts off our chairs and do what we are meant to do. Just screw the beverages. Stop depending on things. Just stop!

I would like to go to every person I know, and just grab them and shake them about till all those silly things that people depend upon for 'satisfaction' aka 'just-righty-ness' fall out.

(phone buzzes)

Going to throw this one out. (plastic cracking)

(binning worn out pen, made of plastic)

I've been distracted.

(amma calls out for assistance with the laundry)

Like I said, I've been distracted. I need to focus.

Focus Lackof Focus LackOf Focus LackOf Focus LackOf Focus LackOf Focus Lackof Focus LackOf Focus LackOf Focus LackOf Focus LackOf FocusLackOfFocusLackOf FocusLackOfFocusLackOf FocusLackOfFocusLackOf FocusLackOfFocusLackOfFocusLackOfFocusLackOfFocusLackOfFocusLackOf

My fingers hurt now. But that felt good.

Oh yeah, they hurt.

What must I do? Get the team together, time for a little talk with everybody. Must show everybody where we all stand.


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