Updated: IE6/7/8 Rules The Internet

because you see, it's not like this:

UPDATE: Of course, I was being totally snarky here! My disdain for all things locked into IE is what caused that tirade back there. I regret (a little) having made the irrational-sounding statements that I might have made earlier. Maybe it was the fact that I'd just woken up from a deep sleep where I dreamt of having crushed Microsoft with a FOSS-bomb (whatever that is).

It works:

Sorry about that Microhard. :-)

And thanks, Nuthan for pointing out my oversight. To think of all the people who'd have read this and been misled. Oh, the despair, the misinformation! Oh!

Update: An examination of the HTML source of the linked page shows this. Can't Firefox process .aspx? Can't Chrome? Why do people assume that everybody uses IE for everything!
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