I Think

nobody cares anymore.

Maybe it's the effect of a new Keane album, but I can't seem to help thinking about the don't really give a crap aura that everybody else gives off. And is there an explanation for this feeling?

Simply put, because everybody else is a person, and they have themselves to worry about before they can even begin to think about worying about everybody else.

We say these words again and again
But they still sound the same
It was in my eyes, in my eyes
They were just easy lies
Seems to sound right, doesn't it? All that crap people give about you being so-and-so, smart, cute, funny, "the best", the "best there was, the best there is, the best there ever will be".
Seems wrong of me to rant but this song seems to resonate with those feelings.

Why is that Keane seems to come up with songs that stir up the old feelings brew inside? And so many words seem to come tumbling out. And I realise things that I knew all along. And it seems to leave me bitterer and angrier at the world.

Wonder whether this is what they intended?

Does it matter what I think? Finally, I am just me. And nobody understands me, as far I know! Oh yes, there are people who think they've got me all put down, but how is it possible for anybody to just say that they know you?

Is there anybody who truly knows me? Does that matter? Do I know myself? Do I care? Is it really important that you know yourself before you attempt figuring out other people?

I feel frustrated!

Nothing a bath won't cure.
Met Siddharth, Suhas at Ragam for coffee on a cold, orangey-pink, dusk for the third consecutive day in a row. Not counting Saturday and Sunday.

Here are a few things that I need to get out of the way:

  1. Fix teeth.
  2. Get Driver's License that's been languishing in the Road Transport Office in Battarahalli for the past three months.
  3. Fix a lot of other things.
  4. Knock these things off the list.
Good start. Now let's get fixing!
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