PipSqueak: In Memoriam

Pip and Squeak thought they'd spent a week or two with us. Originally found abandoned in an eletricity meter box by my father. They were brought home. They were about a day old when they were found.

They were called away on matters that required their squirrely attention. Probably got tired of the odd combination of dog's milk supplement + vaseline screen. Not to mention the pesky kids uttering high-pitched squeals of delight that were torturing their squirrely sense of hearing, maybe it was just all that lovin' that finally did them in.

Pip "belonged" to Nitty; and Squeak to Deedoy. And they were loved by all who knew them.

Squeak was the first to leave.

Pip + Squeak = Balls of delightfully, tumbly-wumbly, Vaselined bundles of energy (initially) and <3.

Squeak: he was with us from13/09/2008 - 24/09/2008
Pip: she was with us from 13/09/2008 - 29/09/2008

They rest 'neath the temple tree out in the back. With a flower for their crowns.

Here's a little video I'd put together with subtitles for those who can't understand my mumblings:

The soundtrack is:

Thank you.
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