Meaning And Hope

You really ought to try doing your own HTML. You really should. It's sheer joy to see something so silly that you do, it makes no sense to be writing stuff like:

Hello World! and welcome to my own HTML webpage. I am so cool, but you don't know that now, do you? See how I did this, made this happen, come to life...

Note: this didn't turn out that well, Blogger took all my HTML and turned it into crap. Check the source if you want proof.
Oh, this is so crappy. The blockquote button doesn't seem to work!  Fine, you stupid blockquote button, I'll type my whole post in blockquote form if that suits your f***ed up blockquoteness. This is so f***ed up! Just say it! Ah, fuck!

I sense distress, that's for sure.

Amma, where's my tea? I need to be putting down all this stuff without any nourishment? Where is my tea.

Just found out a way, select the text that you want to quote, and hit the block quote button. Apparently, it doesn't believe that once you've entered the blockquote mode, it should get out. And they say that Blogger Beta is dead! Pwah! They are so wrong.

Wonder where the squirrels are. Pip breathed her last today. Nitya was quite sad about that.

She wants a hamster next. "Is a hamster the same as a guinea pig?" she asked me. I told her that it was indeed the same thing. Or, wait, is it now? I'm no zoologist. But fortunately for me, Wikipedia exists, and so does the Internet. The internet is so awesome. I should stop using that word. What exactly does it mean?

Some awe? A lot of awe? I'm filled with awe. What do you mean by, "This is so awesome." I'm in some awe. Phone beeps. 
"1 New Message from Vikxxx Mxxxxxx"
"Really, I'll check it out..."

I like the habit of ending your message with an ellipsis... If that's what a collection of three periods in sequence is called... Do you think so... Do you think so... Do you think... Or you could fill up your message with 160 periods. It'd mean that you are very particular in your correspondence. You attempt to convey meaning and hope.

Meaning and hope? What are those things? You must have heard of those silly novels where there are two women named Dawn and Hope. Why are they called Dawn and Hope.

Arrgh, I'm frustrated by something. Time for tea.

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