I'm All About You Baby!

See, I'm not completely locked down, I like some things.

Don't know how many of you have your heads up your butts and your butts up your throats bawling about "Old Facebook" but here's a little tip that'll let you customize your newsfeed content right up to junking all the lolz and keeping all the stuff that I post.

Prioritization of content. Something I like.

In a comment that came out of the blue, somebody mentioned that they liked blog. I like unsolicited opinions. Unsolicited opinions are good! They don't mean much, but they're nice to hear when you least expect them.

Thank you Anu (the other one).

And here's another way to customize your Nooz Feed:

Look out for this thing at the bottom of your feed.

And you got this:
Odd. I'm not too worried about heartbreaks of the friends.
Nor about Friends of Friends.
Or lolz on other peeps walls.

Or the latest party they're hitting and I'm not which serves to remind just how anti-social self is.

Or groups. Or pretty much anything. I like Photos and Stuff that people have written: notes.

There's scope for the imagination there! Interpretation, my second favourite activity after, tagging and commenting! (unresolved dependencies here)

The More About You And Less About You Stuff are summarized as below for convinience.

Wouldn't you like to know which list you're on! Haha! Fret not. This is just a sample listing. None of these people are my real friends. Everybody is on one list. Which one, I shall not reveal, but know this, your comments will be appreciated.

Try and get past the lolz. You might actually find me being nice to you.

"I am nice" is another thing I'd like to keep reminding myself about.
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