Facebook is Fun

This is the kind of BS that makes FB fun: (sorry cat lovers, but I couldn't let this pass!)

Note: I don't approve of, or encourage cruelty to animals. Cats despite being perceived as the selfish beasties that they are, are adorable and fun to have around.

Cats must not have the misfortune of being named Spaghetti, constructed of spaghetti, or being thrown about on Facebook as Spaghetti cats should be thrown about on Facebook.

Indeed, it is a very sad day for the cats on Facebook. The people behind SuperPoke and the dweebs who put this app on their profile should be ashamed of themselves, and anybody who throws cats at me invites my most scathing comments on their newsfeed, so, if you don't want to feel like an even bigger dweeb (which incidentally, you are for having thrown crap my way) you'd better take that off your profile right now.

And please, keep sharing your life with me. You might invite ridiculously lengthy comments on items from time to time, depending on the phase of the moon, my feeling towards you, cats, the government, the world, dandruff, and various other chemical lochas in my head.

And remember, cats are fun!

I'd prefer squirrels though, but the trouble is they eat cats. Or, was the other way round? Pip and Squeek. Lovely names, aren't they?
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