The Afghan Girl

is somebody whom Amma has always been fascinated by.

Who wouldn't fail to be fascinated by her! It's simply inevitable, the eyes, they just have a lot to say.

Amma got a hold of me today and asked to try and recreate the Afghan girl using my sister Nitty as a model.

So, when Nitya got back we got past her "I'll look like a beggar excuses" and came up with some pretty good shots. Spent about an hour trying ot get the look right. There was always something missing, and most of all were the eyes, Nitya's eyes are brown, so it's a little hard unless you're one of those individuals with a talent for seeing chocolate grass everywhere (if you consume grass and it tastes like chocolate too, then please let me know, I'd be very happy to give you a tour of my backyard).

It was difficult to get the lighting just right. I have a silly point-and-shoot Sony DSC-W1 which doesn't allow for much customization of F-stop numbers and

I have not posted a picture of the Afghan girl since it's been pretty much copyrighted under every silly law possible, but clicking the title of the post ought to take you to Sharbat Gula's Wikipedia page.

Steve McCurry's done a lot in her name now. He sells posters of the original photograph and a part of the money goes into the Afghan Girl Fund, to educate improverishered girls in Afghanisthan.

Just wish Creative Commons was around when the picture was taken, imagine the possibilities.

Ah, missed opportunities, so many variations on that work could have been done. But I guess part of the beauty of that work is that you simply cannot change that potrait.

But who said you couldn't try:

Wouldn't you want be this girl?

Update: The eyes were done up with Picasa 3. The new touch-up tool really works!
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