So Let It Slide

Lose to win,
Win to lose.

What was the saying again?

Lose at Scrabble, accept it as a part of a life - yours. Lose at Scrabble, and you win at losing Because losing, like life, is about acceptance, and a willingness to make things better Accept things as they are, and you'll have time to go outside and bask in the sunshine Come back another day, and you'll have another go Take your time, you have nothing to lose But the fear of losing Don't deny, what you know Use the time to learn And there will come a time When you have no fear of losing And that's when you're free. Free from expectation,
Promised victory,
I'll do better,
I'm no go-getter,
The sun shall setter,
In some time, a new day,
Will come, and we'll play another game,
Things may still be the same,
I wouldn't have it any other way.

Forgive my sorry rant on the losing thing. Time to pick up the pieces, and move on.

Because, Scrabble, is a lot like life. It's made up of words seem to make sense, when looked at on a turn-by-turn basis, but zoom out, and you'll find a story there. Somewhere.

Life's little joys.
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