How I was up at 3 AM

pwning my cousins iPhone.

It began here, and then I did this and that, and then I talked to somebody, and then things got bloody, and took a deep breath and let the backup commence, and then started doing the heavy lifting, couldn't hold it and fell, and then got some help, which was helpful, and then saw what I wanted to see, and almost passed out (of asphyxiation), and then thought a little about things as things came together, and then started seeing the signs of change and then some, and then I started to breathe once again.

So, all in all it was one exciting night. A first for me, and for the iPhone. It's heart has been opened (almost, but not quite). And it feels very different.

Used mother's credit card to register with the iTunes store that requires you to have a credit card for free apps as well. (Part of their FairPlay DRM bogus!)

Installed a bunch of apps. Woke up the next morning, and restored the phone's contacts, calendars and settings from backup.

Started playing with things the next morning. Wifi doesn't work too well, the signal being too weak most of the time. Keep losing connections at different locations around the house unless you keep it in fixed positions for a few minutes each.

The phone's back in good shape now, and Diya (who seems to have become extremely possessive over the weekend) has forbidden me from further contact with the phone. And so I started thinking about working on Android. I have to work with Java which serves me very well since I have a course on Java this semester. It looks like fun.

Downloading the new Android SDK as we speak.

The power is out. We shall overcome.
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