Updated: Filling In The Gaps (And How?)

Time on your hands? Got nothing better to do?

Why don't you think about doing something? Anything!

Being productive, inspirational, and of some use to others who are too damn sloppy to fill in their profile connection details is probably not the best way to spend your time, but I argue, it's the best thing you could do for yourself.

Because, it's all about reliving those awkward moments, and standing up to reclaim those lost memories. Sure! you can upload photos and tag every last pixel, but then, don't you want to connect through those times that you didn't have a camera at hand? Sure I know there are people who are just waiting to upload the pictures they capture 5 microseconds after the shutter closes, but come on, let's be practical. Not everyone is a shutterbugger!

Which is why we must fill in the gaps and we do that through profile details. There must be some way people can associate with all their friends. Those awkward moments will never die now thanks to Facebook.

And the best part, connection details show up in your news feed, so all your friends can find out about that time when you made a complete ass of yourself... An exercise in self-humiliation, but it is these things that keep us grounded, humble and ever ready to face another bout.

So, fear not gentle people, and fill in the gaps. Bridge the past and future with the memories that make us human, and grow stronger in your humiliation!

Unless, you know of a Lacuna Inc.!

Update: Certain people started asking me questions regarding this bit.
A 4-Step howto for those of you who've got better things to do than figure out how to get this done quickly.

Step One:
Hit the Friends Tab at the top of the screen.

Step Two:
Use the search box to search for the friend you want to add details for or hit the 'Everyone' tab to get a list of all your friends in no particular order whatsoever. Or head on down to get a list of friends arranged by order of latest status update.

Step Three:
Found your friend? Then hit that small rectangle next to their link, and it'll open out as shown.

And finally!

Add the details you want and ask your friend to confirm these details.

You're done.
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