Most of my time these days are spend watching this screen now. With 26 current games, some of them with the same person, I can't find time for anything else.

A gentle muffled bing alerts me that it's my turn in one of those games.

And it's time to go.

I start playing when the sun is high in the sky, and before I know it, the sun has gone down and the room is in near perfect darkness. But light's overrated! You don't need light to play. All you need is fingers that haven't been sucked into Carpel tunnels and you should be ready to play the next move.

Friends whom I play with also alert me to my next move by sending an "I'm done" message.
Just making sure you get it. How considerate!

Spend a few minutes on the next one and it's time to wait for that bing again. What a life!

The rules are simple. Make as many words as you can, but efficiently. Don't have an unlimited supply of tiles, do we?

Fact: I've never managed to put down all 7 tiles! Maybe that'll be my last move. One bingo! And no more.

Updated: Just kidding. That's never going to happen. Stay away from this!
Nope! Aha, that's a word!


Once more pogalamma daddy?
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