Tweet It, Then Book It Up

Note: I left Twitter in Jan '09. I do all my u-blogging on

I'd recently posted a link to Twitter on the Apple vs. Psystar riff.
To put it illustratively, I posted a comment on the tweet as shown in illustration alongside.
Another way to use Facebook comments:
To provide some insight into thine rantings. Because, you see 140 chars is simply not enough to (adequately):

Update: Forgot to add this! Read some books, get some brain. ;D

So, the next time you mouth off about your loved ones, or list pet peeves, just bank on your Facebook profile and the patience of your Fs to parse the long, detailed and (most often) mouthing offs behind the mouth offings on Twitter Identica

Don't forget to add the Twitter App App to your Facebook profile. Comments are included as part of the FREE package, as explained previously.

Tweet Dent, and write a book based on said tweet dent, that simple!

I <3>twitdentbo.ok/TwitDentbook? Put your tweets dents in context!