No Comments?

I've begun using the comment-on-stories feature on Facebook. Something I guess most people haven't even bothered to try out, despite it being a part of the basic interface.

If a person does anything on FB, the an event corresponding to that transaction is created. All these events go into the news-feed for that person.
Examples include: adding an app, removing an app, adding a friend, removing a friend, a sex change, a break-up, a marriage, or anything else that you like.

All these events can be individually considered and commented upon by the people in your friends list. It's a slightly easier way to get responses on what's going on a person's life.

I discovered this feature a while back while trying to understand the purpose of the news feed. I wondered, why list a bunch of events if you can't connect the dots between the events and your messages to that person regarding those events. It just didn't make sense. Look for the 'Plus' button next to each event. Looks like you can comment on almost anything!

The comment system doesn't seem to work with your Home page. You have to visit each person's profile page to comment. Integration the H. page would be the logically next step. And I don't see why they can't do it either.

So, the commenting system is something I use extensively these days (to comment on mine and other's newsfeeds). If you've enabled notifications, you should get an email when somebody comments on a event in your newsfeed. And you could build a conversation right there by replying to the comment. And it goes on and on. I tend to have self-conversations! Very few have actually replied.

Sometimes, I don't get people. Why join FB, if all you want to do, is throw apps on your profile?

And the stupid thing, the news feed isn't actualy a feed in the technical sense. You can't subscribe to it via an RSS reader. They should work on that too. Zuckerborg has his work cut out for him.

And people are just missing out on some of the best things FB has to offer.
Wake up people! comment your heart out, it is a democracy, you must have something to say about your friend Mogun becoming Maggie!