Free Ticket?

Recently we started using IRCTC's online booking services to book for our train journeys. Despite the oddball service issues where you end up gnawing your nails fearing that your transaction didn't go through (but the money did!), it's been very reliable. Tickets usually delivered by the next day or a max of 2 days from the time of booking. They do charge you about 60 bucks delivery fees, but what's that when you think of the time and effort (not to mention fuel costs) consumed to get to your local Southern Railways booking office.

I'm probably the luckiest one alive, to have been one among mee-lions of other lucky (suckers?) ones. If you're one of the lucky ones, you're hopefully less puzzled than I am.
I would appreciate it, if somebody enlightened me as to what in the name of all that is clean and pure and good in Free Ticket Land this is supposed to mean.

Got this email a couple of days ago, and I despite my wondrous intellectual feats (which include... ah, well, there was this, ah, um, I don't recall, I've done so many things...) I have yet to crack this nut. What was the intent? How foolish do they think we are?

Am I a w(h)inner? Am I going to win(e)? Do I stand a chance to win a FREE ticket? How many tickets can I win: one per day? 21 per month?

The words "winner of free ticket to be announced everyday" should get my anti-scam filters all excited. Thunderbird was nice enough to parse the message and advise me on the basis of the conclusions it had drawn "Dude, this is a spam message. Don't bother, if I could hold your hand, I'd probably be taking it down to that key labelled Erase From Existence." And yes, the 'Dear Customer' addressal at the top shows that they just sent this out as part of a mass scam without even running it through Mail Merge. Spammers!

I may have to go to Chennai one of these days, so I'm hoping that one of these free tickets will come through. Talk about being desperate to save Rs. 115! I think I'll take a much needed trip to Jupiter. They did say anywhere, right?

If you've just come across this by accident, and have no idea of who I really am, then this might be your goooooal-den owe-per-choonity to help out a fellow who cannot parse stuff like this.

What do you think I should do? Email me. Or leave your suggestions in ze' comments.

I learnt this new Frenchie phrase yesterday when Nitya was prepping herself for her first tests beginning today - Comment ca' va?
I don't know what it means, but it is in you to help a fellow out, you could supply an answer to that as well.

The old adage might need a little revision to: the best scams in life are for free.

Thank you.